Learn How to Create Epic Selfies with These Tutorials


Today is Social Media Day and one of the things that has come out from our social sharing economy is the selfie.

In fact, we just passed National Selfie Day 2017 on June 21st, a day created by DJ Rick McNeely from Fishbowl Radio Network in Arlington, TX back in 2014. What was just an idea has now turned into a holiday. People loved the idea and it got coverage at ABC, with Oprah, and many other media outlets.

And since then, we’ve seen the invention of the selfie stick, the usie, the belfie, the selfie contour and everything in between. It has really taken on a life of its own.

Nowadays, people are clamoring to stand out on their personal social media pages and one way to do it is by getting creative with your images.

The folks at PicsArt released new tutorials on getting really cool and funky looking selfies. Here are a few they shared with us:


About PicsArt
PicsArt is the leading social image editing app and creative community. PicsArt makes it easy to step up your photo editing game, Remix pictures with friends, make stickers and share your creations with the world. It’s the one free app that lets you be truly creative with its 3000+ editing features and special effects, and it’s starting a new trend of going beyond the filter. With more than 400 million installs and 90 million monthly active users, PicsArt spans the globe and is available in 20 languages. Free on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Download the app now or visit www.picsart.com for more information.

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