The best Pool and Beach Vacay Hair for Girls


Some of the blog staff are heading to the beach this week and I am in search of hairstyles that are perfect for repeated heat, sun and salt water exposure.

Ideally, braids, pigtails and ponytails are perfect beach hair for girls and women. Or even if you have a son with long hair, cornrows or a man bun would keep his hair coiffed and away from his face and eyes. They are also pretty low maintenance styles.

While looking for hairstyles on Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube, I came across a few styles. Also, our previously featured pal Jill Ehat has great inspirational styles featured on her Instagram account as well.

For maintenance, in between trips to the pool and beach, the natural hair experts suggest applying a generous amount of moisturizer or leave in conditioner to coat the hair follicle or act as a sealant to protect from harsh Pool chemicals or salt water.

Anyway, because I love to share my finds, I’m posting my fave styles below, courtesy of the sources tagged on my Pinterest account. Enjoy!


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