This Minor League Baseball Team is Giving Fans Pregnancy Tests


Okay, is Maury Povich behind this?

A minor league baseball team affiliated with the Miami Marlins has launched a very interesting campaign to promote it’s June l5th You  Might Be The Father Day game day.

On that day, the Jumbo Shrimp (what a name for a baseball team, huh?), is giving out pregnancy tests to fans who attend the game.

The Double A League team is then inviting fans who took the tests on the 15th to return three days later on June 18 for the Father’s Day game to find out the results of those tests.

We suppose it is for baseball fans who have been trying and hoping to get pregnant and want to have a wild story to share with the grandkids about how they discovered the pregnancy- a twist on how I met your mother!

ha! Creative!

We will follow up on this development!

Also, this “You Might Be The Father Day” could be a fun trend with very very interesting consequences.

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