This NYC Math Professor Gives His Sperm Away in Target To Women Wanting a Baby


A CUNY math professor is giving away his sperm to women around the world willing to wait for him to ejaculate into a cup in a Target bathroom stall and then inject themselves with his specimen and get pregnant.

This Father’s Day Weekend, the New York Post followed up on a June story it did on Ari Nagel, nicknamed the “Sperminator“, who has fathered 32 kids and counting. The married father of three conceived some “the old-fashioned way” and others  via “sperm hand-offs at public spots such as the Atlantic Center Target in downtown Brooklyn,” the paper reports. 

Nagel got tons of press and new attention after the NYPost’s feature on him and since then, has been jet setting across the globe to meet up with women wanting his sperm, and fielding inquires from “from Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa and even China.”

According to the June 17th published article, these trips include one to Israel to meet a woman who will freeze his sperm to take to a clinic.

Of an upcoming trip to Vietnam to meet with a wheelchair bound client, Nagel tells the paper, “this crippled woman’s story really hit home, She said, ‘It’s all I ever wanted.’ You just have a vibe that she’d be an amazing mom,” adding that this baby will diversify his portfolio. “I don’t have an Asian baby yet.”

In mid-July, a hopeful from Taiwan is flying in to New York to meet with him.


Spouses Tiffany and Yvonne’s daughter Zoe is fathered by Nagle. Screenshot from “The Drs”.

He only charges for the specimen so the women in New York whose babies he has fathered perhaps cannot afford to go through a traditional regulated clinic which follows health procedures and likely subjects donors and clients to mental and physical exams, genetic testing, infectious diseases screening and protect them from all the legal ramifications of sperm donor-ship.


Nagel poses with two women pregnant with his chidren – Nagel on Twitter

As the Post notes, several of Nagel’s children have Black mothers, and one of those moms, Blandine Rodney, who said someone told her that he is trying to “whitewash the black community,” to which the says Rodney. “It’s not whitewashing! More white men should give sperm to women who need it.”

The 43-year-old Brooklyn nurse also said of Nagel: “He’s handsome, he’s a genius. I’d be proud to have my child say Ari is his father.” So, there’s that.

One of the consequences of the fact there is no record or tracking of Nagel’s offsprings is the large number of half-siblings growing up at the same time in the same part of New York city and not knowing they’re related.

One of Nagel’s  “baby mamas”, a Connecticut woman named Crystal who has two sons, ages 6 and 7, by him, says: “To know my kids have so many siblings out there, it’s not something I would have wanted for my children.”

Some of the women have filed for child support and he has had to pay them. He said that the women “went back on their word” to not sue him for support but he is paying them, and the “money is going to his child.” It was discussed on an episode of The Doctors.

This mom just gave birth to a set of twins fathered by Nagel

This mom just gave birth to a set of twins fathered by Nagel

Crystal, 45, took Nagel to court for child support, saying that she was expecting to co-parent with him and that she didn’t know of his plans to father an entire baseball team.

“My kids got left in the dust,” says the woman, who conceived both boys through intercourse. “You can’t co-parent with 20-something kids.”

(The other four who sued could not be reached or had no comment.)

Some may  look at this story and have an opinion on the other potential harm from such bootleg, back alley process but if acquiring a sperm donor via a legal and sanctioned bank is cost-prohibitive,  then these women are willing to take the risk to achieve motherhood.

Editor’s note: Nagel tries to come off as altruistic by mentioning that he is also a bone marrow donor, but the fact that his wife, who he says he is not romantically involved with, didn’t know for a year about his exploits is worrisome. He may just be a narcissist who is using all of this attention to feed his ego and desire to feel important and needed, but I’m not psychiatrist but this case is certainly one for the books

photos: Ari Nagel, Twitter

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