What Your Baby’s Birthstone Tell You About Her Future Personality


Pregnancy is a very special time for expectant mothers and fathers. The miraculous growth of an entirely new human being continues to mesmerize and evoke feelings of previously unknown depths. Filled with incredible joy and immense anticipation, parents count the weeks leading up to the birth of their little baby.

Apart from shopping for baby items and getting the nursery ready, many of us visualize our baby before the birth because we are full of impatience and curiosity. While you wonder whether you are going to have a boy or a girl, you also frequently ask yourself what kind of a personality your little one is going to have. Is he going to be funny, smart, artistic, or intellectual? Is she going to be a doctor, a ballet dancer, or a rocket scientist?

One way of doing so is by looking at astrological star signs; another is to look at the wisdom provided through birthstones. According to many, birthstones predict a child’s personality traits.

Gemstones have featured throughout history, and birthstones are no different. Experts trace the origins of birthstones back to the Bible, or, more precisely, back to Moses. He is believed to have chosen twelve precious gemstones to decorate a special breastplate for Aaron, the high priest. The twelve stones are said to have represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

Later, these twelve gems became associated with the signs of the zodiac and, eventually, each gemstone was dedicated to one of the twelve calendar months. When looking for a list of birthstones, you may find different variations; however, the list we feature here is the one most jewelry makers use today.

The Power of Gemstones

Throughout history, gemstones have been used not just for their value and beauty but, also, because of their inherent energy. While not everyone will believe in the healing force of gemstones, people throughout human history have attributed special powers to gemstones. Individual gems have been associated with distinct qualities, and today’s crystal therapists use each precious gem for specific purposes.

Unique Qualities and Characteristics of Birthstones

Because each birthstone is associated with unique properties and intended for specific uses, we can, therefore, make certain guesses about the personality of the people born in each month. Consequently, if your child is going to be a January child, you can look up the properties of garnet and get an impression of the type of personality your child is likely to have. You may also wish to purchase the right birthstone for you child, as a source of comfort, as well as joy and strength.

What Birthstones Can Tell You About the Personality of Your Child

Taking a look at each of the qualities associated with your baby’s likely birthstone is utterly fascinating. While it will just give you a glimpse of what type of little person she/he is going to be, even a snapshot can delight and excite.

Let’s take a look at each birthstone, month by month.

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September – Sapphire

Even though most people think of sapphire as a stunningly blue gem, sapphire comes in many colors. The most famous sapphire ring is perhaps the engagement ring Prince Charles gave to Diana in 1981 as an engagement ring. Prince William gave the same ring to Kate, now the Duchess of Kent, in 2011.

Throughout history, sapphire was associated with the divine. The Greeks, Buddhists, and Hindus also used sapphire for its spiritual qualities, believing that this precious gem provided a direct link to higher powers.

Personality Traits: People born in September are believed to be intelligent and calm and slow to lose their cool, but also reluctant to share their feelings.

Crystal therapists use sapphire to strengthen veins, calm cells, and enhance spiritual gifts.

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