How Much Beyonce and Jay Z are Paying Their 6 Nannies for the Twins

When you and your husband are worth over $1 billion dollars combined, then you can afford to pay $100,000 for six nannies to help you care for your newborn twins. That is how much Beyonce and Jay Z are forking over, according to report from OK! magazine.

Allegedly, according to insiders to the gossip mag, the twins do not sleep at the same time and so the three nannies each rotate in eight hour shifts.

They are additional help because their daughter 5-year old Blue Ivy has two nannies of her own.

If The Carters are able to close on a $140 million Bel-Air mansion they have been renting, then they’ll be golden.

A report in  the Los Angeles Times claims the 10,000 square feet, six-structure property may go for “just” $90m in the coming weeks. It features spas, a media room, four outdoor  swimming pools and a 15-car garage, where we’re sure the twin European trucks for the twin babies will be parked.

photo: Not Beyonce’s Twins

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