Parents are Accidentally Feeding Their Children Dog Biscuits But There is a Reason Why

A mom in Australia accidentally packed Scooby Snacks  dog food biscuits in her children’s lunch boxes thinking they were human snacks. After discovering her error, Sydney mom Tania Toomey took to Facebook to warn other parents.

In a Facebook post warning,   said she purchased a packet of Scooby Snacks choc-friendly carob biscuits from her local supermarket, not realizing it was dog food, although the packaging does say “pet food only”, it was colorfully designed to attract children and was also located in the aisle at the grocery store with other snacks for humans.


“I bought these from the biscuit isle next to the Tiny Teddies at Woolies in North Strathfield,” she wrote. “Terrible and disgraceful, not to mention dangerous!”

Her kids came home from school  and told her “yuck, they are disgusting!”

“BE CAREFUL the store is very disorganized and very little healthy option snacks for children in a family area,” Ms Toomey wrote in her Facebook complaint.

The Woolworths  denied that Scooby Snacks are stocked in the confectionery aisle of their supermarkets, Yahoo! reports.

This is not the first time either this has happened. Back in June, some New Zealand parents complained about accidentally buying the snacks for their kids.  In a report about that incidents, some also said the snacks look like the Tiny Teddies snacks sold in that country.

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