Students Forgive Principal For Telling Them They ‘Look Fat’ in Leggings Unless They’re A Size 0 or 2

A South Carolina high school principal was blasted last week for telling 9th and 10th grade girls during an assembly that they “look fat” wearing leggings unless they are a size 0 or 2, reported NBC-affiliate WCBD  last Thursday.

The local news channel obtained an audio recording of Principal Heather Taylor of Stratford High School in Goose Creek, South Carolina discussing the school’s uniform policy.

“I’ve told you this before, I’m going to tell you this now, unless you are a size zero or two and you wear something like that, even though you’re not fat, you look fat,” Taylor said on the recording. “It is not meant to be your actual pants, and if you have a shirt that comes to here, then you are showing everything. Yes, everything.”

According to a Twitter user who looks to be a student at the school, Taylor told the Freshman class, “that if you are not a size 0 or size 2 you look like a bunch of sausages.”


The Stratford High School dress code does in  fact restricts leggings: “leggings, tights, yoga pants and spandex must be worn under clothing that covers to mid-thigh.”

However, the restriction shouldn’t be served up on a big garbage pail platter of body shaming!

As could be expected, Taylor’s comments about leggings sparked backlash, with students and parents speaking to local media outlets, and it looked from their comments that she was initially hostile about being called to the carpet for her remarks.

“Body shaming teenage girls is uncalled for, inappropriate and unprofessional. When I spoke with her [Principal Heather Taylor], she talked around the issue, and made excuse after excuse, effectively calling all of the students liars,” Lacy Thompson-Harper, mom of an 11th-grade student, wrote on Facebook, per IB Times reporting. “This has upset many, many more students than just those in the 10th grade. My daughter is in the 11th grade, and is livid. She has been ridiculed by students for her body, and shouldn’t be subjected to it from teachers.”…

Social media users accused Taylor of calling the girls a liar and asking parents to contact her directly to discuss any concerns but later released a very weak statement apologizing for the incident.

“I met with each class of the Stratford High School student body. I addressed a comment made during a 10th grade assembly and shared from my heart that my intention was not to hurt or offend any of my students in any way,” she said. “I assured them all that I am one of their biggest fans and invested in their success. After speaking with our students and receiving their support, I am confident that, together, we are ready to move forward and have a wonderful year.”

She is still employed as the principal. Some kids forgave her through a formal statement of their own posted on the school’s website so no, she won’t be fired, as some have called for, and will survive another day to judge students quietly in her head who are larger than a size two.

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