All the Ways to Get Your Pre-Baby Tummy Back

Pregnancy commonly leaves the skin around the belly stretched out and it is not that easy to get that pre-baby tummy back. Some are fortunate that working out and ab exercises help tighten the skin naturally.

Then there are others, the majority of us, who just concede to live life with those battle scars.  A lot of people get the surgery and non-invasive procedures like tummy tucks, laser treatment and  more to tighten the tummy. The exact method you choose to utilize will depend on factors like your budget and time constraints, as well as how severe your skin wrinkling and sagging is.

Using Sound to Tighten Up Your Sagging Skin

It may seem strange, but there are several forms of sound-based therapy which can cause processes within your body to occur. Namely, there are sound-based methods which can be used to get your body to make more of the hormones and other materials that help to make skin healthy and smooth, including collagen. One form of sound wave therapy is called radio frequency therapy. Another involves the use of ultrasound technology to stimulate the cells. Both can be quite effective if you have mild skin sagging and wish to reverse or slow down the skin loosening process.

Using Light and Heat to Tighten Your Skin Instead

If your skin has reached a more moderate level then sound wave treatment may not be enough to correct it. Instead, you may need to use light and heat to treat it. That light and heat comes in the form of treatment using one of the many types of medical cosmetic equipment for sale today which incorporate lasers. Some lasers perform topical treatments like laser skin peels to remove surface blemishes and reduce mild wrinkles. Other lasers perform treatments which treat all layers of skin and can help you by getting your body to continually repair itself. Such treatments tend to be better if your skin sagging has reached a moderate stage or you are struggling with deep wrinkles.

Your Age May Impact Your Treatment Options

Aside from your current skin condition you must also consider your age when deciding on a skincare treatment for sagging skin. Certain treatment methods work better on people with particular skin characteristics. For example, skin tends to become thinner with age. It can also become more dry. If your skin has such traits then your skincare specialist may try to prevent you from trying certain skincare treatments and recommend others, instead.

Skin Tightening Procedures Are Rarely Painful

Although you are likely to feel any skincare procedure you choose, treatments such as laser therapy should never be particularly painful. The most you are meant to feel is a little discomfort or heat during such a procedure. Due to the limited immediate impact of such treatments you also typically won’t have to worry about taking time to recover after your treatment. Side effects are usually very limited such as mild redness for a short time after treatment and, in some cases, you may not experience any side effects at all.

Have a Consultation to Determine the Skin Tightening Method for You

If you aren’t sure which type of skin tightening procedure you need the best solution is to consult with a skincare professional. By assessing your skin type and its current condition your clinician or dermatologist can make recommendations about treatment. That will help you to narrow down your choices to a couple of options, or in some cases pinpoint an exact treatment that will be best in your case.

Expect Skin Tightening to be a Continuing Process

The health of your skin will naturally continue to degrade as you age and as it is exposed to internal and external influences. Therefore, even if you have your skin tightened professionally, you will develop future wrinkles and sags eventually. That’s why you must factor in ongoing expenses into your skin tightening treatment plan if you want to maintain the positive results you get during initial skincare appointments.

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