Winter Styling: 25 Ways to Tie a Scarf Fashionably! (VIDEO)

The temperature is dropping in many parts of the US which means it’s scarf season again!  That means it’s time again to share fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen’s Lookbook of 25 unique ways to tie a scarf.  Since the Wendy’s Lookbook blogger uploaded the video on her YouTube channel in 2011, it has gotten over 40M views because undoubtedly it is #1 in YouTube search for that topic!

Click here to view more of Wendy’s style tips and looks

Scarves are the perfect functional piece of your wardrobe because they  keep you warm and they can add a pop of color if you are doing the monochromatic black look to mimic a slimming effect if you are preggers and your hips are spreading faster than your nose. ha!

I also love scarves because you can always get one in a trending color, material or fabric and use them to stay current and in style, if you’re into being hipwhileknocked up. (smile)


So once again, if you haven’t already seen fashion blogger Wendy from Wendy’s Lookboook’s super viral video, “25 Ways to Tie a scarf” that has gotten 25 million views and counting, here it is

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