I’m So Getting my Gamer Son This Bakery Subscription Box, Really!

Foodstirs lets kids do craft quick mix baking using good ingredients, that are good for the environment and more wholesome than traditional mix boxes.

My son loves to bake and so does one of his friends from school. Well that kid really is into cooking too. The two are not the typical culinary types: two Catholic school boys, one’s girl crazy and the other a gamer. They goof off and do all the stuff boys their age do include goofing off. His friend has even enrolled in culinary cooking and instruction schools for teens and I got the idea to do the same for my son.

While researching for one for my son to attend this summer, I bumped into this subscription box service co-founded by our Bellytich Bumpwatch alum, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Galit Laibow. They are owners of Foodstirs, a baking craft subscription kit made up of quick-scratch mixes are organic, GMO-free, free of artificial preservatives, dyes!

The company motto is to bake life sweet! Believing the heart (and stomach!) of every family can be found in the kitchen, the founders say the company’s mission is to help create memorable, long-lasting experiences through baking.

Based in Santa Monica, Foodstirs sells one-off kits & mixes as well as 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscription plans.

Foodstirs aims to disrupt the baking mix category with USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified baking mixes that are superior on every level. The brand meticulously sources each of its ingredients based on four core principles: ultra-sustainability, easy-to-make, accessibly priced, and incredibly delicious from-scratch taste. In addition to regenerative and direct-sourced ingredients, the brand uses organic identity-preserved unbleached heirloom flour, chemical-free dyes, and is free-from artificial preservatives and flavors.

The products are sold nationwide at retailers including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Amazon and other stores. Join HERE! 

Baking Craft kits include Movie Night

Ombre Pancake

GILT exclusive Cozy Cocoa Brownie Cupcake

Apple Cinnamon Pancake and more.

The company asked me to join as an affiliate partner and I’m all in! I’ve ordered my first kit and cannot wait to have my son try it out. It will be a great introduction before he takes his interest one step forward.

More from the website!


All our ingredients are authentic, organic and never genetically modified, so our flavors are full and vibrant, not skewed or superficial.


We choose progressive planting methods that keep the soil healthy and actively enrich the land.


We source from small farms that protect and advance the wellbeing of fieldworkers, because goodness should be global.


We work directly with organic farmers to make sure the people who cultivate our most craveable ingredients thrive and prosper.


Because our flour comes from North American farms that have been practicing traditional techniques for generations, nothing beats its quality of gluten or fine, nutty flavor.


Raised in the lush green fields of Paraguay, Wholesome!™ Biodynamic® Cane Sugar is unrefined, so it’s more nutritive, and renews the soil as it grows, so it’s more sustainable.


Who needs Red 40 from the lab when we’ve got beets from the garden? All of our dessert kits are completely free of artificial dyes, made only with honestly natural essentials.

Let’s go!

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