Keyshia Cole In Hot Water Over Fake Pregnancy Announcement

Keyshia Cole is embroiled in a slight controversy over a fake pregnancy announcement she made recently, she said in response to being body shamed.

The R&B singer,  responsible for big hits like “Love” and “I Should Have Cheated,” told fans last week that she was expecting.

“PreggoInMyFashionNovaFit #CongratulationsAreInOrder,” she captioned an Instagram pic posing in a cute snakeskin number.

Then, a few days later, Cole, who is mom to one son, Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr., with ex-husband and former NBA star Daniel Gibson, fessed up and apologized for intentionally misleading fans.

The joke caused a lot of her fans to accuse the petite star of playing the prank for attention, but she flipped the outrage by pointing fingers at her social media fans for making her feel bad about weight gain.

“I kinda apologize for #trolling… telling y’all I was #preggo,” she explained in a follow-up Instagram post. “Buuuuuuut y’all need to stop body shamming me and saying I’m pregnant every other day.”

She claims the constant speculation “hurts my feelings,” adding, “thought it was sweet that you all were excited about the news tho.”

While some fans who have had fertility problems slammed her for making light of a serious matter, others stated they understood her frustration.

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