Viral: Boy Adorable Chat With Dad Via Doorbell Cam

A little boy couldn’t find the channel for his favorite television show, his mom was across the street at the neighbor’s house so he did the next best thing: he asked his dad…via the doorbell camera.

In the viral video, the adorable young boy butters up his dad with “I love yous” and made kisses bourse at the camera before his big ask: ” How do you turn on the kids’ channel?”

So cute!!

After dad tells him he isn’t supposed to be home alone, the kid explains the deal that his mom let him jut home to watch TV instead of hang out with the boring neighbor.

Satisfied, dad tells him to turn to channel 25.

It’s so adorable when his son says,

“I don’t know what 25 looks like!”

Find out what happens next.

The video was provided by Ring.com which gave permission to various networks to repost it and upload it onto social media.

The video has been watched over 360,000 times. The posting on Facebook has also garnered over 3,000 likes and 7,000+ shares. 

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