Spring Cleaning Tips for Floors

If you’re like me, you’re still knee deep in Spring cleaning. This week, I’m focusing on landscaping and getting my floors in shape so I’m sharing some of the research I’ve done about getting the dirt and grim out:

Your hard floors see a lot of action. No matter what type of flooring is installed in your home, domestic life takes its toll. They are streaked with mud, strewn with grass clippings and sprinkled with water on a regular basis. You may find yourself spending an upsetting amount of time trying to wipe, scrub and sweep the evidence away. Luckily, products designed for these situations hit the market regularly, so your options are expanding from the traditional to the innovative.


There are a few very popular brands of convenient mopping solutions in stores. If the convenience of a disposable moistened pad suits your needs, there are varieties that are specialized for different levels of cleaning and specific hard floor types. You simply need to choose the right formula and product for your floor. For example, there are some products that are made for pet owners who want to reduce the obvious results of shedding and odors that come with pet ownership. Cleaning is as simple as attaching the pad to the end of the mop and disposing of it when finished. 

If you prefer the results achieved with a more traditional mop but hate to wring them out with your hands, spin mops are a good alternative. The mop itself looks similar to other mops, but it is equipped with a bucket that contains a basket-like attachment. The basket spins and wrings water from the mop when you place your foot on the bucket’s pedal. No more bending over and getting your hands wet. 


From the basic to the elaborate, sweepers have come a long way since their invention. The cumbersome, loud contraptions of the past have given way to lighter and more versatile machines. There are many attachments that come with a lot of popular brands, and some even offer steam and dry sweeping in one model. You are not only able to clear debris from your floor, but you can also remove stains and germs from them with the same sweeper. These multi-tasking products are particularly efficient for people who lack the time and space for multiple cleaning tools. 

A more recent development in the world of household cleaning products is the availability of robotic sweepers. These ultra-modern devices are programmable and automatic, so your floors will be spotless with virtually no effort. You tell the machine how long it should run, and it does the rest. Hours of floor cleaning is one less thing on your list of chores. 



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