No, There’s Nothing Wrong With A Child Sitting in A ‘W’

There is a wives tale and old school of thought that says children who sit in a W stance may harm their legs or joint development but that theory is totally false, and in fact, has been long since debunked.

W-sitting is not harmful and was debunked 20 years ago.

According to Dr. Charles Price, Director of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and pediatric orthopedic surgeon with Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Level One Pediatric Orthopedics:

There is no scientific evidence that W-sitting is harmful, or that sitting posture causes intoeing. W-sitting does not cause intoeing, but some children have bone structure that allows them to sit in the W-position. This is a natural condition similar to being left handed.”

Here’s a bit more…

Differences in bone and joint structure allow different people to excel in some sports and not others.

Gymnasts, basketball players, swimmers, football players, runners, etc. often have different physical characteristics that allow them to excel in their sport.

W-sitting is one more example of the wide variation in human form that makes each of us unique.

Many children have intoeing gait but intoeing adults are exceedingly rare.

Those rare adults who intoe are often above average athletes. W-sitting reflects a different bone structure that is not influenced by posture, shoes, or braces.

Since bone structure changes as the child grows, the ability to W-sit usually disappears by age 12.

Intoeing also disappears naturally in almost all children. 

There you have it! Sometimes old wives tales and myths passed down from generation to generation are better left unsaid…or at least “Googled”

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