Beach Body Goals: Naked Nutrition ‘Naked Pea’ Supplement {Video Review}

Even though we are well into Back to School season, a lot of families, like mine, are still in summer vacation mode and going to the beach for the last bit of fun before school starts.

I’m heading to the beach soon myself and have a fitness and summer Tank top and momkini goals.

Just in time, I got an order (complimentary) of Naked Nutrition’s “Naked Pea” supplement (retail: $54 for 5lb Jar) to help me on the journey.

I do not believe in a liquid only diet and think it is important for digestive health that we chew our foods, but that being said, for short term fitness goals, I think liquid and smoothie and shake meal supplements or substitutes are fine.

Also, for energy, times when you cannot have a full meal, they are also perfect.

The Naked Pea is perfect for me because I am pescaterean and it only has three ingredients: Yellow Split Pea, Natural Coconut Sugars and Natural Vanilla flavor!

That’s It! Talk about totally, naked eh?

It’s free of Dairy, Gluten, Soy and GMO ingredients. So it’s not likely to upset my stomach like supplements that contain whey. I’m also lactose intolerant and I cannot do whey either which has dairy.

I tried it out with fruit and almold milk starting Monday and loved it because it was yummy, filling, didn’t leave me hungry (I sipped it throughout the day) and gave me energy!

I have a few days left to see if it works.

I did not do a before shot but I did step on the scale and took my measurements.

I’ll update this post on Sunday to include the difference but in the meantime, here is my video of Day One!

disclaimer: I was compensated for this review but as those of you who follow my blog know, I make sure my opinions and feedback are neutral and unbiased and based on my personal opinions. No sugar coating over here!

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