LeBron James’ Great Dad Moments On Instagram and Off

LeBron James is a great contender for the World’s Greatest Dad – and his Instagram Shows It

James is the GOAT on the court (we say that with apologies to MJ, Kobe, et al.)

And if you follow King James on social media, you already know he’s probably the GOAT at being a family man and a dad.

LeBron is clearly proud of his brood, and he takes every opportunity to show off his beautiful wife and three kids. We happily watch the show from the social sideline because we love seeing a role model as huge as ‘Bron being a genuinely awesome guy. 

Let’s take a look at what makes LeBron and his family so charmingly special. 

King of Social Media

We’re not sure how LeBron finds the time to be a social media maven considering his other obligations. Being the face of the NBA takes a lot of work. And King James enters the upcoming 2019-20 season with more pressure than ever. 

Following a 2018-19 season that failed to meet the expectations of many fans, early prognostications show James and the Lakers hitting a stride when the NBA season opens in October.

The Lakers and the Clippers, co-residents at the Staples Center, sit atop the 2020 NBA Championship odds list.

Still, the Lakers star brings it on Instagram (@kingjames), Twitter (@kingjames), and Facebook (https://facebook.com/lebron). Instagram, where LeBron boasts an audience of 50.9 million followers, is the best to place to peek posts of the fam.

Much of this content is tagged with #JamesGang.

Meet the #JamesGang

Just who are the players on LeBron’s home team? 

First up is Savannah, number 23’s wife since 2013. The couple met and became high school sweethearts in their hometown of Akron, Ohio, although they attended rival schools. Their first date was to Outback Steakhouse. 

LeBron and Savannah have three children together – two sons, LeBron Jr. and Bryce, and a daughter, Zhuri. 

Big brother LeBron Jr., better known as “Bronny” is following in his dad’s footsteps. The 14-year-old basketball prodigy already has offers to play for NCAA Division I schools.

 At 12, Bryce is also a standout basketball player who some say possesses the sweetest shot in the family. 

Little sister Zhuri is a vivacious young girl, and judging by ‘Bron’s Instagram, very much the apple of her dad’s eye.  

Sharing the Love

So what family deets does LeBron share on Instagram? In a nutshell, plenty of feels.

His kids get shout-out posts for their birthdays. Take Bronny’s 14th b-day for example, Dad posted a selfie of the pair cheesing for the camera along with a heartfelt message to his son: “I love the young man you’ve grown into and this is just the beginning!” the post read in part. 

‘Bron frequently posts photos of his wife, complete with love messages to his Queen,@mrs_savannahrj. He might be a b-ball superstar and household name, but Savannah is obviously the rock of the James family. She sets the rules for the kids while juggling her own career as a businesswoman and philanthropist.

Then there are the posts of the boys’ playing basketball. It seems Lebron is always hanging around to capture the special moments in practice or games. A recent video clip showed Bronny coming very close to smashing a breakaway slam dunk. Dad is clearly getting excited for the day when Junior is throwing down dunks on the regular – expect an epic post proclaiming the official arrival of the heir to the family business.

 Dad even fills in on occasion as the coach of Bronny’s teams. Imagine being on the opposing side and confidently entering the gym only to find King James commanding the competition!

So does LeBron drink his morning coffee from an uber-cheesy World’s Greatest Dad mug? We don’t know. But the four-time NBA MVP has earned the right to if he so chooses. 

We look forward to many more years of #JamesGang success and many more feels coming our way on the ‘Gram. 

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