How to Host (Or Enjoy) a Parents Night Out: Valentine’s Day Edition

couples wearing wedding ringsout at date night

There is nothing like having your spouse lose his wedding ring while on vacation. We’d go out to bars on the weekend and young women would hit on him the minute I was out his sight, perhaps because he wouldn’t have a ring on.

Frustrating! A replacement has been ordered and in the meantime, we’re preparing to enjoy this upcoming Valentine’s Day at a Parents Night Out event.

What is “Parents Night Out”: It’s an organized day or nighttime event usually among parents in one social circle, neighborhood block, or your church, civic or other local community organized  which hosts a social event for kids and allow the parents to drop off the kids and have an adult day (or night) out alone.

The day care center I used to send my kids to when they were younger had such an event each quarter.

It’s perfect for young families, new parents and for those who do not live near extended family who can give them a break and let them get out alone once in awhile.

If you’ve ever gone to a movie theater and seen a couple with a baby, toddler or young child at night,  you know the importance of these events like these. They are also sometimes cheaper than a baby sitter.

Right now, if you Google the term “Parents Night out near me ” {<—Click this link}, you’ll get a listing of local events near you to sign up for and ideally, there may still be one available for Valentine’s Day for you and  your significant other to partake in.

And if you love the idea and would like to host one for the parents in your circle or community, here are the steps to get it done:

Step one: pick a theme: Movie Night, Arts and Crafts, Paint party, game night;

Step two: pick a venue: host it at the home of someone with a large basement, a church community room, a civic hall;

Step three: ascertain the cost of purchasing food, supplies, renting space;

Step three: determine how many couples would need to say yes to offset the cost of the supplies and select a price;

Step four: send out invitations or make informal calls, decide a modest fee for the event per child, then collect payment via Venmo, Paypal, Stripe or Zelle;

Step five: hire local teens or solicit some to get school volunteer hours to be chaperone;

Step six: confirm attendees and create an emergency contact sheet with allergy info, doctor’s number, insurance info, permission to administer medicine or transport in case of emergency and send out form to parents;

Step seven: On night of, decorate, set up and accept kids;

Step eight: If you are not going out and on the team to host the night, enjoy the fun with the children participating.

If you are like me, who would likely be the one doing the dropping off of my teens to help out,  and head out with with your husband to the movies, dinner and dancing.

Also, if you’re me and have grown frustrated with your spouse going out at social events without his wedding ring, you will be excited to see him wear the gorgeous Infinity wedding ring you got him from AU-Rate to replace the one lost or stolen last Christmas season and enjoy the fact he won’t be hit on by all the hot young girls looking for a sugar daddy at the bar. ha!

However, you do it! Enjoy the night out!

This post was published in partnership with Nakturnal but all content and opinion are mine.

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