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Kerry Washington’s prolific response to street harassment that forced her to suppress her pretty

Emmy-nominated mom-to-be Kerry Washington opened up to Pat Mitchell, President and CEO of The Paley Center for Media about first meeting Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes, her life and work, during a recent episode of the Center’s interview series. 

During the 30+ minute exchange before a live theater audience, the Scandal star also shared some insight into her humble upbringing. She acknowledged that growing up in an urban city,  she purposefully avoided wearing skirts and dressing girly because of a fear of street harassment. 
She added that unlike now when there are plenty role models of women who are smart & beautiful, she grew up without having such figures. You could either be smart or pretty. She didn’t think you could be both. Today, Washington is an advocate for girls and sits on the board of several civic organizations & is a member of the President’s Committee on the Arts & Humanities. 
The Golden Globe nominee also reflected on how her mom tried to sway her from aspiring to be an actress. 
The fashion icon said being fashionable isn’t accidental. 
When Washington started taking acting seriously, the former “wallflower” said like a true “daughter of a professor” she studied fashion & all the designers & labels. 
Washington, who is expecting a child with her husband NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha ended the interview session by reciting an empowering monologue  “My Short Skirt” from The Vagina Monologues which spoke to the street harassers of her past & society’s message to girls. 
WATCH the insightful and informative video HERE!

Vanessa Hudgens as pregnant teen in “Gimme Shelter” Opens Today – WIN a Pair of Movie Tickets! (TRAILER)

I don’t think we’re on the High School Musical set anymore.

Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens makes a dramatic departure from the role she is best known for as a high school cheerleader in her latest project Gimme Shelter.  In it, she stars, 16-year old Agnes “Apple” Bailey, a pregnant teen who leaves the home of her abusive mom on a trek to find her biological father.

Based on a true story, the movie follows Apple’s journey which  becomes one of survival. There are underlying themes about homelessness, shelters, teen angst, abortion and life that are dealt with in this movie but not in a heavy handed way, we hear.

Here’s an idea, why don’t you enter to win a pair of tickets and let us know what you think about the movie?
To enter, simply tweet about the film in social media the hashtag #GimmeShelter and +Bellyitch in GooglePlus, @Bellyitch  on Twitter or Pinterest.  Or enter below by leaving a comment sharing why you think being a mother is the toughest job in the world.

Each household is only eligible to win ONE (1) Pack of Two (2) AMC Movie Tickets via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

Watch the Trailer
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Megan Fox covers Cosmopolitan Argentina

Mom-to-be Megan Fox is on the cover of this month’s Cosmopolitan Argentina.
Although Fox is close to delivering her second child with husband Brian Austin Green, she is possibly in her early stages when she shot the photos because there is no evidence of a bump.
In the article, (written in Spanish, of course), she talks about preferring casual clothes to glamorous and trendy wear, especially now that she is a mom. 
Fox and Green married in 2010 and welcomed son Noah Shannon Green on September 2012.
The Transformers actress disclosed that the only thing she has planned for 2014 (besides promoting the Avon Instinct cologne, for which she is spokesperson and one other film) is having her baby!
Well then!  Good! Congrats mama!

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SHOP Gwen Stefani’s Sexy Maternity Look

Gwen Stefani showed out her sexy pregginista side this week when she tweeted a belly progression selfie of herself in an all black figure hugging outfit.
“[B]ump it #allblack #inappropriateshoes #capturethemoment #miracle gx,” she tweeted out with the photo on Tuesday, January 21.  
Grrrr! Saucy Mama!  
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Trend: Gender-Neutral Baby Names – Which Name Tops List?

Jordan, Riley and Avery are the most popular unisex names for both boys and girls, according to data compiled by leading online business directory WhitePages.com
“We are seeing celebrities jumping on this trend. In the past year, Kristen Bell named her daughter Lincoln, Kim Kardashian chose North and Lisa Ling went with Jett, all selecting unisex names for their girls,” said Liz Powell, culture and trend Expert from WhitePages. “What’s interesting is that as unisex names grow, there are some names that seem to trend at almost an even split between males and females, including Riley, Peyton and Rowan. We expect to see this trend grow into 2014.”
This comports with Bellyitch’s own assessment last summer of the trend of celebrities giving their daughters masculine or gender neutral names. 
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WhitePages also analyzed popular male and female names and noted that traditional and biblical names John topped the list for boys and Mary for girls.
For its analysis of the fastest growing names for boys and girls, WhitePages concluded that “Chloe”  and “Jacob” topped the list over the past 5 years though an old favorite, “William” was making a comeback as well. 
Here is the breakdown of the survey:
Top 15 Most Popular Unisex Names

  1. Jordan: 73% male, 27% female; most popular in Utah
  2. Riley: 53% male, 47% female; most popular in Utah
  3. Avery: 37% male, 63% female; most popular in North Carolina
  4. Peyton: 46% male, 54% female; most popular in Mississippi
  5. Alexis: 15% male, 85% female; most popular in Washington, DC
  6. Angel: 68% male, 32% female; most popular in Florida
  7. Hayden: 85% male, 15% female; most popular in Arkansas
  8. Skyler: 66% male, 34% female; most popular in Utah
  9. Jayden: 87% male, 13% female; most popular in North Dakota
  10. Taylor: 35% male, 75% female; most popular in Utah
  11. Quinn: 75% male, 25% female; most popular in Utah
  12. Logan: 93% male, 7% female; most popular in Utah
  13. Reese: 35% male, 65% female; most popular in Utah/Reece: 87% male, 13% female; most popular in Tennessee
  14. Dakota: 78% male, 22% female; most popular in Oklahoma
  15. Rowan: 59% male, 41% female; most popular in Vermont
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Most Popular Female Names                                     Most Popular Male Names
1. Mary – most popular in Mississippi                 John – most popular in Massachusetts
2. Jennifer – most popular in New Hampshire      James – most popular in Mississippi
3. Patricia – most popular in Delaware                Robert – most popular in New Hampshire
4. Linda – most popular in West Virginia             Michael – most popular in Rhode Island
5. Elizabeth – most popular in Massachusetts      David – most popular in New Hampshire

Fastest Growing Female Names                                     Fastest Growing Male Names
1. Chloe – most popular in Washington DC           Jayden – most popular in North Dakota
2. Ava – most popular in Washington DC              Liam – most popular in Massachusetts
3. Hailey – most popular in Idaho                         Hayden – most popular in Arkansas
4. Mia – most popular in Washington DC              Noah – most popular in Oregon
5. Faith – most popular in Hawaii                          Mason – most popular in Utah
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The Chew’s Daphne Oz dishes to Wendy Williams, says dad Dr.Oz won’t be in delivery room

Can we adopt The Chew TV hostess Daphne Oz as our celebrity pregnancy spokes model?
The mom-to-be whose dad is famed TV doc Dr. Oz visited The Wendy Williams show on January 22 and dished on her pregnancy. Daphne and her investment banker husband since 2010 John Jovanovic  are expecting their first baby on March 6.
Daphne was featured on the cover of the latest issue of Fit Pregnancy  magazine and it is fitting as she has a healthy approach to unloading the post-pregnancy weight.
“First of all, I didn’t start off a size 2 so I’m not trying to get back there,” the down-to-earth blond said after revealing she struggled with her weight her entire life. “I also kind of feel like it took me 9 months to get here, I put on like 30 lbs, it’s going to take 9 months to get back there.”
 “I’m not rushing there,” she added. “My most important thing is to keep my nutrition strong,so I want to breastfeed, so I want my baby to get everything, I’m not going on a diet route.”
We also love her healthy approach to sensuality. When Wendy pried as she does so well and inquired about Daphne Oz’s sex life, she opened up about how pregnancy actually liberated her from issues she had growing up.
Like many women, she said she had body image issues and never felt comfortable in her clothes and skin but being pregnant “you own every bit of it.”
She added, “that’s the most attractive quality, I mean I think pregnancy is sexy anyway, but I think that you can own your self-confidence, that’s the biggest thing,” 
Oz has 6 weeks left and is due March 6. She said she is getting the ultimate “push” present and doesn’t know the gender of her baby. She also told Wendy that her dad will NOT be in the delivery room but her mom and husband will.
Check out the video of the appearance below:

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Pregnant woman with flu dies after delivery, Another with flu miscarries

For the second time in one week, a pregnant woman suffered a fatality because of the flu. 
This month, a Florida woman in her 20s who was suffering from the flu, delivered her baby then died when she was unable to be revived. Doctors removed her from life support, a doctor at Merritt Island Walk-in Clinic said. 
It’s become a pandemic in that state and nationwide.
Also last week, another pregnant woman, a 29-year old Arkansas woman fell ill with the flu and then wounded up losing her baby at 21 weeks when her lungs collapsed and she fell into a coma.
The husband of the woman, Leslie Creekmore, in a coma for two weeks, said doctors told him her body had to choose. 
She could have died as the woman in Florida. 
Neither woman  had gotten the flu shot. Leslie’s doctor had recommended she not get the shot so early in her pregnancy.  That advice cost her a baby anyway.
“We’re doing what we can to convince some folks to go and get the flu shot already, Chris Creekmore said.

BumpWatch: Eva Marcille, Kendra Baskett and Kristin Cavallari Instagram shares

Want to know what’s up with some of the preggers celeb ladies we’re following? 

You can find the answer in their social media accounts, in particular, Instagram. They’re great about updating their lives on these great new mediums that allow celebs to directly share and interact with their fans, followers and the media.

There we spotted a bare belly photo of America’s Top Model’s Eva Marcille that her beau Kevin McCall shared on his page. The model and actress is expecting the couple’s first child any day now, he wrote.
Meanwhile, reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson Baskett was hanging out with some pretty tall friends lately who towered the petite mom-to-be expecting her second kid with hubby, former NFL player Hank Baskett. The couple are parents to 4-year old Hank Jr. 

Finally, The Hills alum and shoe designer Kristin Cavallari just finished shooting the cover photo for the April/May edition of Fit Magazine,  she disclosed in a caption to this photo above.  
The day before, she was showing off her pregnant fit form in a selfie she took at the gym. Cavallari and her husband Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler are expecting their second kid. They are parents to 1-year old Camden.
Instagram overshare rocks! Who needs a publicist?

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35 Natural Newborn Care Remedies

It’s a little early for EcoFriday, but we still wanted to share a revamped version of a past post of some of our favorite newborn care tips for new moms who are wary of using chemicals on their babies. Enjoy!
1.Avoid using most baby products. WebMD advises parents to keep their newborns away from harsh powders and shampoos to protect their delicate skin and immune systems.
2.There is a right and a wrong time for infant massage. Gagazine’s article on infant massage explains how the time just after a bath or diaper change is perfect for a little touch therapy. Try to avoid touch therapy when the baby appears hungry or cranky.
3.Be gentle when cleaning nipples. When breastfeeding an infant, Medline Plus recommends that mothers prevent drying and cracking nipples by avoiding soaps and drying with harsh cloths or motions. Uncomfortable nipples negatively affect both mother and child.
4.Cleanse baby acne with water. As a residual of connecting with his or her mother’s hormones, some newborns break out into small acne patches. Avoid using oils or lotions that can irritate it further, but very mild, all-natural soaps may work in more severe cases.
5.Wash cloth diapers with baking soda and rinse them with vinegar. Avoid using harsh detergents when cleaning cloth diapers, even those without artificial dyes or fragrances. A wash in baking soda and a rinse in vinegar should suffice.


6.Train newborns for EC by laying them on diapers or pads. Elimination communication is a rather controversial practice that will not work for everyone, but this article seeks to cover a variety of viewpoints to allow parents to decide what they feel is best for their children. This tip from DiaperFreeBaby.org suggests one way to transition a newborn to the EC routine.
7.Wash newborn eyes with water. Normal tear duct issues need to be discussed with a pediatrician, but parents needing to clean their newborn’s eyes can do so by simply wetting a soft cotton ball and gently scrubbing the gunk away.
8.Use glycerin laxatives. Newborns and babies who struggle with constipation issues can have their systems unlocked with glycerin laxatives, either as a solid or a liquid. Those made with artificial chemicals may prove too harsh for their bodies to handle.
9.Use steam to unblock nasal passages. While professional medical care may be needed in instances of severe illness, parents can alleviate some cold symptoms at home. Congestion, for example, can be cleared up using the steam from a hot shower.
10.Make newborns sleep on their backs. One preventative measure against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) involves having newborns sleep on their backs rather than their stomachs. They may feel less comfortable, but it helps bolster their chances of surviving the night.
11.Wash clothes thoroughly. Another WebMD tip, this time touting the importance of washing baby clothes in dye- and fragrance-free detergent before dressing infants.
12.Infant massage requires a calm setting. As with adult massages, Gagazine believes that the infant version of the ritual is best executed in a calm, warm atmosphere. Place the baby on a soft blanket or towel in a draftless room away from a television or cell phone, perhaps encouraging relaxation with soft music or speech.
13.Protect nipples with milk or lanolin. To prevent painful cracking, Medline Plus recommends leaving a little bit of milk on the nipple after feeding to keep the area moist. Alternately, cracking can also be avoided by applying 100% lanolin to the nipple. Never use any artificial chemicals near the area where an infant feeds.
14.Read the signs of needing to expel waste when practicing EC. When not exacted correctly, EC can lead to disgusting, unsanitary messes – and a newborns’ inability to verbally communicate only makes things more complicated. Fortunately, parents wanting to stick with the diaper-free movement can learn how to read their child’s body language and know how to properly react to the incoming flow.
15.Use natural cleaning products around the home. For added protection against contact with harsh chemicals that can make a newborn ill, take advantage of the disinfectant properties of natural substances such as vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda.
16.Prevent chapped skin with natural products. A multitude of newborn- and infant-friendly products exists to keep babies from suffering dry, irritated skin without the use of artificial chemicals.
17.Weigh the pros and cons of circumcision. Outside of a religious context, the decision to circumcise or not stands as a heavy issue with natural parents. Be sure to understand all of the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure before making the choice.
18.Clean the umbilical cord with water and a Q-Tip. Be sure to use a Q-Tip wetted with clean – even sterile – water to keep the umbilical cord free of bacteria. Alcohol, honey, and goldenseal powder work as well.

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19.Make homemade nasal drops. Combine saline and water together for nose drops suitable for safe cleaning of a newborn’s clogged nasal passages.
20.Extra water works as a laxative. As an alternative to glycerin laxatives, consider feeding a newborn a little extra water to unbind the constipation.
21.Bathe conservatively. WebMD recommends that newborns receive a gentle sponge bath 2 to 3 times a week, as washing them too much compromises the health of their skin. Use either no soap or extremely mild, natural soap to prevent any dermal irritations.
22.When massaging, always keep at least one hand on the newborn. According to Gagazine, parents should leave at least one hand on their child at all times in order to maximize the effectiveness of touch therapy.
23.Avoid “baby bottle tooth decay.” Breast milk makes for one of the healthiest, most natural ways to keep a newborn healthy and strong, but blending it with foods and drinks pumped full of refined sugar actually expatiates the process of tooth decay.
24.Know how to properly store soiled cloth diapers. Become familiar with the wet pail and dry pail methods of containing the odor and bacteria associated with cloth diapers. Wet pails must be contentiously kept covered in order to prevent drowning.
25.Keep the crib nearby – even at night. The American SIDS Institute recommends parents allow their newborn’s crib to remain in their room for the first 6 months of life, as dong so greatly reduces the risk of suffering the condition.
26.A little sunlight can clear up jaundice. A little extra bilirubin is normal in newborn infants, and a bit of time in the sunlight – no more than 10 minutes, with 5 minutes each in the front and the back – can clear up any jaundice that may crop up. Of course, a physician should be consulted if it doesn’t clear.
27. Stick with soft clothing. According to WebMD, dressing children in clothes cut from coarser materials heightens the risk of eczema, rashes, and other uncomfortable skin conditions. Organic cotton, bamboo, ore hemp are all extremely appropriate choices.
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28.Avoid using lubricant on the head. Due to the sensitivity of infants’ skin, it may be a good idea to only use natural lubricants with a pediatrician’s permission. If they give the go-ahead, do not use any oils or lotions on the baby’s head.
29.Use BPA-free bottles. Some mothers do not produce sufficient milk for their newborns, no matter how hard they try. In these instances, they will want to use BPA-free bottles to keep their babies properly fed without worrying about problematic chemicals leeching into the formula.
30.Avoid baby wipes. –When cleaning the baby after an accident and subsequent diaper changes, WebMD advises parents to use with a dry, soft cloth rather than commercial wipes that may contain harsh chemicals.
31.Know how to trim nails. When clipping a newborn’s nails, be sure to use special trimmers or scissors to prevent any unfortunate injuries. Cut along the natural lines when it comes to fingernails, but go straight across when doing the toes. On both, make a contentious effort to push down the pads of skin away from the nail to further reduce the risk of an accidental cutting.
32.Never clean the inside of a newborn’s ear canal. Parents may clear wax away on the outside of a newborn’s ear using extremely gentle swabs with a Q-Tip. Sticking it inside the baby’s ear canal, however, runs the risk of causing permanent hearing loss. Pediatricians will be able to give more information on removing internal excess wax without exacting any damages.
33.Make homemade baby shampoo. For instances when water may just not be enough, parents may want to whip up a batch of this all-natural baby shampoo to scrub out the germs without causing skin issues.
34.Use natural insect repellent. Many companies sell products that repel mosquitoes and other pests without the use of harsh chemical blends that will irritate a newborn’s skin. Seek these out – they usually contain eucalyptus and lemon and often come formulated especially for people under 12 months.
35.Pat dry – don’t rub. When changing diapers, WebMD thinks that parents need to spritz their newborns with clean water and pat dry rather than rub to keep skin from becoming too irritated.


Celeb Moms Rocked The Producers Guild Awards Red Carpet

We’re in the homestretch of Award season at Celebrity moms were representing on the Red Carpet of the 25th annual Producers Guild Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel this Sunday, January 19,

Claire Danes looked stunning in Christian Dior, Julia Louis-Dreyfus stunned in Max Mara and Gillian Anderson rocked Dolce & Gabbana.

Next Week: The Grammys!

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