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STUDY: First pregnancy weight gain impacts second baby 

A woman’s weight during her first pregnancy may affect the health of a second baby, even if everything went well the first time around, a new study has found.

It is already well established that a mother’s weight can increase the risk of complications during pregnancy. For example, if a woman is overweight or obese, this increases her risk of developing gestational diabetes.

According to US researchers, many women are not a healthy weight when they first become pregnant. They may be overweight or underweight, although more often, they are overweight.

The study found that complications may occur during a second pregnancy even if none occurred during the first pregnancy, and even if the mother is a normal weight the second time around.

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Is 2015 the year you plan to start a family or hope to finally become successful and conceive a baby after some fertility struggles? If so, we here at Bellyitch have assembled 100 of the common tips, suggestions, old wives’ tales, dietary and lifestyle advice we’ve heard and read in various sources over the years.
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ENTER to Get Your ‘Body After Baby’ Shapewear FREE (up to $99)

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It seems like waist trainers are the “in” things these days among women trying to get that perfect hour-glass shape.

And now brand new moms too have a variety of options available to them to help them when they are ready to kick start their efforts to regain their Body After Baby shape and midsection.

In fact, that is the name of an innovative company that pegs itself at the “lulemon of maternity and postpartum” support wear because of the durable, stretchable and sweat-resistant unique fabric that its products are made from.  They are seamless and comfortable enough to wear all day or even under form-fitting clothing.

Traditionally, pregnancy support belly bands are worn to help support a mom-to-be’s back as her belly grows and she has to manage the weight of her growing baby.

Body After Baby goes a step further with its postpartum support wear that is worn right after giving birth to help reduce pain and increase recovery time so a new mom can focus on her newborn.

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Its Angelica offering is for wearing right after giving birth and its Sienna band is a specially formulated version for those who have had a C-Section.

And when she’s ready to get back into shape after 6 to 8 weeks postpartum, Body After Baby has its Leilani shapewear to help kick start the process. It has gotten great reviews as well!

Want to try one for yourself?  You’re in Luck! Body After Baby will give one Bellyitch reader her pick from among 4 products to select.

So whether you are pregnant and looking to relieve back pain, an active new mom looking to recover quickly so you can take care of your new baby, or are an active working mom or devoted yogi ready to get back to pre-baby activities, Body After Baby has a support product for you.

Of course, I know how urgent relieving pregnancy back pain or postpartum aches can be, so if you can’t wait to see if you won and need a Body After Baby garment now, here is a discount code for 20% off, plus free shipping for U.S. residents: BELLYITCH20.


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Maternity Capsule Collections Get you Through Pregnancy and Beyond

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Dressing a bump is fun, there’s no doubt. It’s a rare time when our proportions get flipped around and a bulging belly is something to show off rather than disguise.

But that full belly is actually a fairly short blip in the whole process — a process that presents new challenges for dressing with each phase. And don’t forget about after the birth and the possibility of months of nursing.

With that in mind, here are some pieces to get you through the early months, those big-belly days and beyond — when you need all the help you can get.

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