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In recent years, I got into herbalism and began studying up the value of natural herbs as nutritional supplements to my diet. It meant that breakfast also came standard with having to take several tablets and pills. Same with lunch and dinner, sometimes.


Some pills needed to be taken at different times of the day.

So while I am not an elderly person who would necessarily need a pill reminder box for various medications to ailing conditions, I could very easily see the need for one as a multi-vitamin pill popper! Keeping track of what you’ve taken can be challenging.

That’s why I was pretty geeked to get the offer to sample out Style RX  very pretty and feminine tapestry covered pill boxes.They were created by mom of a 4 year-old girl Dawn Gibel who realized when she was pregnant that she struggled to remember to take her daily prenatal vitamins.
She needed a way to keep them with them separated in each cube during her long morning and afternoon commute. Throwing them in a plastic baggie or tucking them away in a pocket could get them lost, contaminated or forgotten.
They very feminine printed boxes are small enough to slip into a purse, laptop sleeve or diaper bag, keep in the car’s center console or on the kitchen counter. The magnetic closure keeps medication secure inside. And if you purchase an additional case for $5, you can interchange it for extended use or while away on longer trips.


Each box costs $34 each and come in  two uniquely designed patterns printed on cotton canvas.
I love my set and recommend them to breastfeeding and expecting mom or for veteran moms like me who just need to keep track of all her various herbal vitamins. You can also get them for your elderly mom, grandmom or other relative who take multiple vitamins and would love to be able to track them in a pretty box!
Get them at InspiredbyDawn.com and select specialty gift shops OR you can win a box too by entering below.
Now thru November 25th! Open to US residents only! Good Luck!

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REVIEW: Use Moji360 to ease pregnancy discomfort

Pregnancy brings all sorts of pain in your muscles and joints as your body changes to accommodate a growing fetus. One of the most common discomforts come from sciatic nerve. It can be painful. Also, as your weight shifts, and baby gets bigger, there is a lot of pressure on your back.
Getting a partner or friend to massage your aching body is a way to go, but for those moments when you are without a massage partner, having a tool on hand to help alleviate discomfort is essential.
I was quite geeked to get an opportunity to try out the dynamic Moji 360 handheld massager which is used by actual physical and massage therapists.
As a runner and a gym rat, I find that extended long runs or workouts leave my muscles totally sore. Using Moji 360, and following the instructional videos at http://GoMoji.com/videos, I learned how to manipulate the device to ease up pain on my own.
The Moji360 is unique, compared to other massage sticks out there because it has many omini-directional stainless steel spheres embedded within it.
I can apply different amount of pressure, or use the larger spheres on big areas and smaller ones to get  deep tissue pressure on small knots in my neck.
During a long family road trip recently, I was able to use it on my hubby who got a stiff neck sitting for a long time during long stretches of driving.
Post massage, you feel the difference, for sure, like you really did loosen up some knots, broke up some scar tissue and increased circulation in tight areas.


Sometimes, when I will be sitting at my office desk all day, I would slip the Moji 360 massager along the back of my chair with the balls facing towards my back and will rub my back against it whenever I needed a little mini massage to keep me going.


All of these uses can work for moms-to-be as well. You can use it before, during or after a work out or whenever you just want a little massage. It comes with a full year warranty, as well.
The device retails for $49.00 and you can get it from the company’s website, find a local retailer or pick up one at a slightly discounted price via our Amazon affiliate . The company sells a mini massager, a foot massager and a lower back massage device as well.
Get it! Go Moji!
See it in action here:

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