Review: Baby Trend’s Hello Kitty Travel System is a Great Investment


BabyTrend recently introduced a new stroller system with Hello Kitty styling. The popular baby products manufacturer sent me its EZ Ride5 Travel System – Hello Kitty Expressions for a review and from my inspection.

Bottom Line: I think it is a solidly built stroller, with quality construction and durable hardware that will last you a few years and is a good investment because it is mid price range for a stroller system.

What Comes With it: The system includes a car seat and base; and a stroller that can be used as a carriage in baby’s infancy before it can be used in her toddler to early childhood years.


Assembly:  The stroller shipped to me in a giant box but I was able to assemble it in under 15 minutes without even reading the instructions! Ha! I imagine had I taken the time to read through first, it would have been even easier and taken less time.

The parts snap into shape and no tools are required.  The car seat snapped easily and securely in the base. The car seat accommodates a 5 to 30 pound child (2.2 and 13.6kg) child who is less than 30 inches (76.2cm).

Review of Baby Trend’s EZ-Ride5 Travel System – Quickly and easily lock into base

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Installation: It comes with a 5-point safety harness with padded harness covers to protect baby.


I was able to quickly and securely install it without the base in my car seat.


To install it with the base, one must take more time to use the anchor. It has a Peek-a-boo cover so mom can check in on baby on the go.

Review of Baby Trend’s EZ-Ride5 Travel System – Peek a boo cover

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Once installed, you can check if it is level and at the legal and proper angle using a guide on the side. (see example).

Folding, Travel and Storage: The stroller opens and closes easily with one hand fold.

Review of Baby Trend’s EZ-Ride5 Travel System – One hand collapse

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Once folded, I was able to pick it up and toss it in the back of my SUV with no trouble at all. The stroller was not too heavy for me at all.

Review of Baby Trend’s EZ-Ride5 Travel System – Easy to stow and go!

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The stroller has a parent tray with two deep cup holders, multi position reclining seat which adjusts with a simple pull or tightening of a strap behind the seat. I wish it could recline further back in case the kid wants to take a nap.

You can release the break with a simple step on a lever at the back.

Review of Baby Trend’s EZ-Ride5 Travel System – one foot to release brake

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Other features include a covered parent tray with two deep cup holders.  The tray doesn’t snap into place because it is a swing-away and has a snack and/or cup holder. When I was assembling it, because I didn’t read first, I got confused why it didn’t snap into place. snicker Hence, why it’s a good idea to read the instructions first.

It has a large storage basket too.


Overall, at a decent price point at $199.99 on Amazon, you can use this system for several years, making it a pretty good investment. You may need a second base for another vehicle used to transport you baby. Also, if the pads or covers, which are wipe clean and washable get too worn, you can order replacements.

Cons/Criticism:  I would have preferred for the front wheel to be a bit more sturdy and have more swivel for tight areas. Also, the stroller doesn’t recline as far back as I’d want to allow a sleeping child to slumber comfortably. Also, you need two hands to adjust the straps. Something, a mom may not always be able to do if she’s in a tight spot or on the go.

Otherwise, it’s a solid stroller system.

And this stroller will do very well for some young teen mom or homeless young mother who is about to have a baby at the St. Ann’s Home in Hyattsville, Maryland where I donated the stroller system.

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