Purchase of This Backpack Gives Back TWO-Fold to Kids In Need


We love social good initiatives that help children and families and that’s why we’re happy to report about innovative company whose entire business model is centered on helping kids in need.

Sydney Paige is woman-owned company that makes very sturdy, cute and practical backpacks, school accessories and books and partners with worthy causes to donate a matching product for each sold. That way customers know their purchases will have a philanthropic effect as well.

This month, Sydney Paige is teaming up with an inspiring nonprofit, Rainbow Pack. This organization was started by founder Riley Joy Gantt when she was just ten years old and is dedicated to providing elementary school students with educational tools they need to be successful learners irrespective of their financial circumstances.

It’s a big deal because Sydney Paige is upping the donation match this round from its traditional one purchase/one donation model.


Sydney Paige has agreed to donate two of their premium backpacks for every bag purchased while Rainbow Pack has committed to fill all bags with their very own ‘homework’ supplies. This is a major twist to Sydney Paige’s Buy One/Give one mantra as they have implemented a Buy One/Give TWO model.

And the packs are also good for another very important thing: the environment. Sydney Paige backpacks are made from eco-friendly materials of 100% cotton canvas, natural leather, nickel free hardware and/or recycled polyester.


We know because we got a chance to check one out up close and personal: the Guidi Laptop Rucksack which actually helps Matthew McConaughey and his wife, our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Camila Alves McConaughey’s nonprofit just keep livin foundation.  This nonprofit works with local non-profits to run after school fitness and wellness programs in inner-city high schools and the results have been incredible! Participants get in shape and gain confidence while also improving their grades, attendance and behavior.


My daughter GiGi (pictured below) headed off to school with a pack provided complimentary of the company in exchange for the review. Indeed, the material was quality and the hardware was durable. It is light weight and not too heavy. A lot of back packs weigh a lot even while empty but after a child adds their books and perhaps a laptop or other tablet in there, it can be very hard for him or her to carry.


The price point is medium at $95 but when you consider that the pack will also be used in charity, it becomes worth the investment. When you know that your purchase will actually help another person, and in this case another child, it moves it closer to the basket of other forms of active philanthropy.

It’s definitely a product we can support and get behind! kudos to Sydney Paige, Rainbow Packs, the just keep livin’ foundation and others working to help make positive impacts in the lives of more children.

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