Yo! This New Hip Designed Baby Tub is Mad Cool, LOOK!


I saw this bathtub and got excited because it looked so neat.

The Shnuggle is a compact bathtub for baby can be used anywhere in the home; in the kitchen sink, the shower; the family bathtub or even in the nursery.  It has a  large foam backrest that is warm against babies skin, making it very comfortable for newborn through toddler.



It has a non-slip rubber feet so it stays secure on whatever surface it is used on. I think it is wonderful that baby product manufacturers aren’t resting on their laurels and are producing new, inventive and innovative gadgets, tools and resources for parents and babies constantly! So I leaped at the opportunity to review this tub and receive a complimentary tub (retail: $35)  in exchange for our honest feedback.


Our Bellyitch reviewer Lauren used it and offered this feedback:

I gave my two month old baby boy a bath in the tub. I liked that I could set it on the counter next to my kitchen sink and fill it up with the spray hose. The way the tub is shaped was perfect for him. It kept his back and neck supported so I didn’t have to worry about him sliding down while giving him his bath. There was one thing I would change and that is the bath should have a drain hole in the bottom. Other than that, I loved it. I would definitely recommend this tub.

Lauren’s son is a newborn and we weren’t sure whether he’d be able to be comfortable in it, but it was perfect for him. It is a really decent price at $35. Check out the pic!

This quick little video give a tutorial too:

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