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The Answer to Your Baby Bath Time Aches and Pains Is Here {WIN TWO $79.95!}

When baby gets too big to be bathed in a kitchen or bathroom sink and it’s time to transition to the bath tub, new parents quickly become acquainted with the back and neck strain associated with bending over a tub and trying to keep a firm cradle on baby while sudsing and rinsing her off.

It’s just something we dealt with. The cold hard bathroom tiles under our knees. The eventual crick in the neck that develops. The pain from being hunched over in the most uncomfortable position while trying not to get the bathroom too wet or slippery.

It can be a daunting and in some cases, dangerous task. I mean we’re just talking bath time here! But yeah…

Fortunately for modern moms, manufacturers and product designers have stepped up to the plate to come up with solutions. For example, Modern by Designs makes a Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest that is guaranteed to provide max relief to parents and their achy joints.

The kneeler is made of a durable neoprene material that is water-friendly and dries pretty fast. There is a memory foam padding on the top that cushions the knees and eliminates the discomfort of the hard floor and a non-slip rubber bottom keeps mom or dad or caregiver from slipping and sliding in case the floor gets wet.

To add function, the kneeler has an elbow rest that is also equipped with a net that can conveniently store bath toys, shampoo and bath wash.

There are 4 extra large polyester mesh pockets that can be organized and customized. The material is such to repel the growth of mold as the kneeler dries in between uses. In addition, the elbow rest set comes equipped with 6 strong suction cups, safely securing the elbow rest to the side of the tub for maximal stability.

After each use, you can just leave it right there to dry or hang it on a hook. Toss it in the machine to wash when it gets too funk and hang to dry.

Simple. Easy Breezy and convenient!

The makers even throw in an extra bath organizer attached to 2 extra strong suction cups to eliminate the time searching for bath essentials.

 It also helps to keep the bathroom tidy and organized. Best of all, you can store the wet bath toys in the organizer to dry, so no more moldy bath toys!

Keep them right there for easy access each bath time!

They also offer a 100% money back guarantee for anyone who is not satisfied with the product. That’s a plus! You can return it within 30 days of purchase for any reason with no hassles, the company guarantees.

And at a $39.95 price point on Amazon.com, you cannot go wrong anyway, especially if you can return it if it doesn’t meet up to your expectations but I think it will given all the positive feedback I’ve read on the Amazon page for this product!

Actually, Modern by Designs is offering Bellyitch readers 10% off their purchase.

FOLLOW the makers Modern By Designs on Instagram and Facebook!

And you can also win a pair of kneelers right here!! Entry open to US residents only.

Many ways to win!!! Contest ends on April 5! AND GET 10% if you don’t win! OPEN TO FIRST 100 CONTEST ENTRANTS!

Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest ($79.95)

RHOA’s Porsha Williams Covers ‘Rolling Out’; Gives Mompreneur Advice

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams covers last month’s edition of Rolling Out Magazine.

On the cover and in inside pics, the gorgeous and buxom mom-to-be poses on the patio near a scenic locale and is shrouded in a beautiful yellow lace embroidered and sequined designed off-the-shoulder bump-hugging yellow gown with flowy bohemian sleeves and fringe skirt

The reality TV star dishes about her connection to Atlanta, her Civil Rights roots as the granddaughter to noted icon Hosea Williams, who marched alongside luminaries like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King, and Andrew Young; and gives advice to other mom entrepreneurs.

“I knew Atlanta was special from a very young age, just through charity work,” Williams told the magazine. “My grandfather, Hosea Williams, created the charity Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless. I worked in it, and it was right in the heart of Atlanta. All of my life I’ve been very close to the community and have known the people. We like to work together, we like to build each other up, we like to network; it’s a very [forward-looking city].”

Williams, who is a host on the nightly syndicated gossip radio talk show Dish Nation and has several ecommerce brands gave advice to other moms who are in business for themselves.

“Mommy entrepreneurs must be sure to have a great support system,” she offers. “You have to make sure that the type of business that you want to start will be good for you and your family. I wouldn’t get into just anything. If you don’t have someone to keep your kids and the best support, you may want to start a business that’s online, where you could be working from home. Start a business that’ll be practical for your real lifestyle. Research it and just go for it. Dream big and put in the hard work. Always use your kids as the focus and the purpose and the drive for what you’re going to do.”

And entrepreneurship was in her blood and family.

“My father was an entrepreneur,” the Bravolebrity shares. “He owns his own chemical company. My mother is also an entrepreneur, owning numerous childcare centers throughout Atlanta. I started out working in the family business, which was childcare. I ended up starting my own childcare center [at] 24 years old. Being an entrepreneur gives me the power to come up with a product that is close to my heart, and [a chance to] offer something to inspire other women and help them express themselves.

“I wouldn’t get into just anything. If you don’t have someone to keep your kids and the best support, you may want to start a business that’s online, where you could be working from home. Start a business that’ll be practical for your real lifestyle. Research it and just go for it. Dream big and put in the hard work. Always use your kids as the focus and the purpose and the drive for what you’re going to do.”

Photo: Stanley Babb for Rolling Out

Monster Jam DC Recap

A great time was had by all the little boys and girls, big and small, who made it out to the opening day of the MONSTER JAM show at the Capitol One Arena in Chinatown in Washington, DC.

Before the show launched, a few fortunate ticketholders got a chance to have a truck touch at a ___ party.

We arrived about a half an hour before the show and were greeted with line that snaked around the block, literally, but I get it! Security first!

Nothing, not cold temps, or long lines, could stop the anxious attendees from experiencing first hand the death defying tricks, spins, and amazing driving of these supreme automobiles.

Thanks to our gracious host, Feld Entertainment, we settled in 4th row, Section 1 seats, smack dab in the middle of all the action and took in the phenomenal show! The audience around us were simply amazed and rose to their feet several times to applause these skillful drivers who did things with mega trucks I have never seen in my life.

This was my second time attending one of these shows and boy has it been upgraded since I last attended with one of my sons over a decade ago.

It’s really hard to put it in words and to be honest, it’s an experience I think You HAVE to get up close and personal and on your own!

To borrow the words of the promo materials:

Monster Jam takes center stage in the world’s most iconic venues, sporting meticulously manicured dirt tracks created with the sole purpose of pushing these perfectly engineered, ever-evolving trucks to the limit. 

These world-class driers, some generational rivals, are athletes at the core and experts in four-wheeled, controlled agression. Ang just when  you think we’re done racing, jumping, flipping and doing things with trucks you’ve never seen before, the brand extends in to the home through must-watch content and merchandise that keeps the fun alive year-round.

If you live in the DC area and missed the show this round, I recommend you try your best to make the next time the show comes to town. For those of you around the country who have upcoming shows, you can purchase tickets which often times start at a reasonably priced $20 per ticket at Ticketmaster or the local box office where the show will take place.

Stadium Tour 1– 2/2: Tampa, FL; 2/9-10: Indianapolis, IN; 2/16: Minneapolis, MN; 2/23: Arlington, TX; 3/2-3: St. Louis, MO; 3/9-10: Detroit, MI; 3/23: Las Vegas, NV; 4/5-7: Colorado Springs, CO; 4/13: Santa Clara, CA; 4/27: Denver, CO

Stadium Tour 2– 2/9-10: Oakland, CA; 2/16-17: Anaheim, CA; 3/2-2: El Paso, TX; 3/16: Seattle, WA; 3/30: Lexington, KY; 4/6: Syracuse, NY; 4/13: Hamilton, ON; 4/20: Philadelphia, PA

Stadium Tour 3– 2/2: Anaheim, CA; 2/16-17: Miami, FL; 2/23: Atlanta, GA; 3/2-3: Jacksonville, FL; 3/30: New Orleans, LA; 4/6-7: Knoxville, TN

Arena Tour 1, Triple Threat Series West– Spokane, WA; 2/1-2: Fargo, ND; 2/8-10: Denver, CO; 2/16-17: Oklahoma City, OK; 2/22-23: Wichita, KS; 3/2-3: Portland, OR; 3/8-10: Vancouver, BC; 3/15-17: Fresno, CA; 3/30-31: Pensacola, FL; 4/5-6: Columbia, SC; 4/26-28: Wilkes Barre, PA; 

Arena Tour 2, Triple Threat Series Central– 2/1-3: Charleston, WV; 2/8-10: Pittsburgh, PA; 2/16-17: Cleveland, OH; 2/22-23: Richmond, VA; 3/1-4: Rosemont, IL; 3/9-10: Raleigh, NC; 3/23-25: Grand Rapids, MI; 3/30-31: Cincinnati, OH; 4/6-7: Columbus, OH; 4/27-28: Moline, IL

Arena Tour 3, Triple Threat Series East– 2/1-3: Providence, RI; 2/8-9: Greenville, SC; 2/15-17: Worcester, MA; 2/22-24: Allentown, PA; 3/1-3: Baltimore, MD; 3/8-10: Toledo, OH; 3/15-17: Huntsville, AL; 3/22-24: South Haven, MS; 4/6-6: Little Rock, AR; 4/13-14: Austin, TX; 4/19-20: Des Moines, IA

Arena Tour 4– 2/1-2: Florence, SC; 2/8-9: Tupelo, MS; 2/23-24: Biloxi, MS; 3/2-3: Tucson, AZ; 3/8-9: Nampa, ID; 3/15-16: Albuquerque, NM; 3/22-24: Reno, NV; 3/29-30: Lincoln, NE; 4/6-7: Colorado Springs, CO; 4/27-28: Baton Rouge, LA

I am a Feld Family Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and opportunities to attend private Feld pre-Show events.

Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

Make Wholesome Homemade BabyFood Quick With Gourmia’s Processor {Review}

Jarred baby food recalls would scare you into making your own baby food, but then again, a lot of new moms are stopped in their tracks over the fear of the time it could take to pull it off. Also, the mess!

Thankfully, time and innovation have made it so that brands and manufacturers have perfected the process by releasing efficient, easy-to-clean appliances to make it happen! Woot!

Gourmia 8-in-1 Baby Food Processor is such an amazing product!

Gourmia is an established and well-respected cooking appliance manufacturer that designs products for cooks who want to make easy, healthy and delicious meals every week, not only on special occasions and holidays like pressure cookers, immersion blenders, air fryers and more. Recently, it got into the baby food processing business and launched a series or products, starting with a 5-in-1 processor which is has updated to add even more functionality so it is now an 8-in-1 appliance.

To be honest, I am truly amazed at the innovation that sprouts out from baby manufacturers and new mom products makers annually.

The Baby and Toy Show is coming up in NYC and I cannot wait to check out all that’s new and in store.

Now, for this product, I am aware of bottle sterilizers and baby food processors for those who make their own baby food but didn’t know there was a product that combines BOTH processes in one device!

The Gourmia Jr. 8-in-1 is a durable comprehensive baby system for baby prep food needs, baby food making and steamer.

Gourmia steams, warms, sanitizes, defrosts, reheats, purees, blends and processes food. it uses a QuikSteam and BabySafe technologies to make portions come out perfectly.

I put it together pretty easily out of the box. I struggled a bit to twist off the top which was on very firmly. I was almost frustrated but kept at it.

Then I assembled the steam baskets intuitively without even consulting the manual. I do recommend going through the steps in the quick start guide to make sure you do everything right.

Then I blended some carrots and apples for a nice puree for my soup I will make later. It was the texture of homemade baby food.

I added green powder mix and kombucha and juiced a nutritious drink for mom to get me through the day.

When you’re done, you can pour the leftovers or excess into one of two freezer bags that comes with the unit and store it. Mark what’s inside and the date before placing it in the freezer or fridge.

Gourmia 8-in-1 is also a steamer. It is very important when you have a new baby that you sterilize his bottles, nipples and bottle caps, pacifiers, teething rings and toys to keep them virus free and healthy.

You can use this processor for that dual purpose. And for moms who are breastfeeding, you can also drop in breast pump parts in there for steam cleaning as well. LOVE!

I also used the steamer to steam veggies for my soup and it took 20 minutes to do it while I worked.

What makes Gourmia 8-in-1 processor work is that it is truly multi-functional in every way and is perfect for a busy mom with little time is that you can actually process not one but TREE different textured foods at the same time (up to 1000 ml).

I like the large touch screen pad on the face of the processor. To make it super easy to use, each function has a tiny picture as well as the words for the process. I was able to punch it with my knuckles with my hands messy with food

For frozen foods, the “quicksteam” function defrosts before the food cooks. I am not aware of any other baby food processor that does this.

It makes 250ml servings but the cup can hold about 750ml on water. 

The tiered basket make it super easy to clean in between uses. It also has an easy removable basket so you can quickly and easily clean the shavings from the processing.

The only con is that it is a bit loud but not louder than any other food processor, blender or other electronic device in my kitchen.

Overall, I really likes the system and highly recommend it for moms on the go because it can do so much and is super easy to use and clean!

Get it at Amazon.com for $69.99 or the new 8-in-1 from the company’s website.

Do You Know Monster Jam Trivia?

In a week, the MonsterJam tour will land in my backyard to DC. Tickets are on sale now though some shows are sold out so hop on it now!

I cannot wait to see eight of the most intense athletes of Monster Jam, Washington fans will witness a fierce battle for the championship with each competitor contending in customized high-powered vehicles: Monster Jam Speedsters, Monster Jam ATVs and of course, the iconic Monster Jam trucks in six events sure to leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Joining me will be our winner of our giveaway! If you’ll be there or at any of the stops of this awesome show, you may want to know the answers to some of these Trivia Questions.

  • How big is a Monster Jam truck?

Answer: Monster Jam trucks stands approximately 12’ tall

  • How much does each Monster Jam truck weigh?

Answer: Each Monster Jam truck weighs 12,000 pounds. 

  • How tall are official Monster Jam truck tires?

Answer: Each tire must be 66 inches tall.

  • How many tons of dirt are needed to set up a track for one Monster Jam show?

Answer: Stadiums use up to 500 truckloads of dirt. Arenas use over 100 truckloads of dirt

  • How much horsepower does the average Monster Jam Truck have?

Answer: Each truck produces approximately 1,500 horsepower, which is the equivalent of about 10 average cars.

  • Who judges each Monster Jam competition?

Answer: The fans! Through Judgeszone.com, each fan can have a say in the outcome. Monster Jam is the only sport in the world gives the judging exclusively to the fans.

  • Who holds the most Monster Jam World Finals Championship titles?

Answer: Tom Meents holds the record for the most Monster Jam World Finals Championships at 11.

  • How many drivers hold two or more Monster Jam World Finals Championship titles?

Answer: Since the inception of the Monster Jam World Finals, only 8 drivers have two or more Championships to their credit.

6 iPhone Apps To Download While on BedRest

Nothing frees up your time like being told you have to stay on bed rest for the remainder of your pregnancy, and if you don’t have enough distractions you can quickly find yourself bored out of your mind.

Of course you can play your favorite games like Words with Friends or Wheel of Fortune, but after a while even those will lose their luster, and you’ll need something else to occupy your hours.

Here are 6 iPhone applications that will help take up some time and answer any questions you may have regarding concerns about the baby that may pop into your head while you are lying in bed.  There’s an app for everything from saving for college to listening to the baby’s heartbeat:

1. CQapital is a hybrid automatic saving app that allows you to save based on goals. You can decide what triggers a deposit, and Qapital will do the work of getting that money into a savings account.

You can also save with group goals – get together with friends and family and set goals together.

This application allows you to do the calculations to determine how much per month you will need to save in order to pay for your child’s college tuition.  If you start early then you will have the advantage of compounding interest and you won’t have to put as much away each month versus starting when your child is 10.

is a hybrid automatic saving app that allows you to save based on goals. You can decide what triggers a deposit, and Qapital will do the work of getting that money into a savings account.

You can also save with group goals – get together with friends and family and set goals together.

2. Soundhound Ever been bored and start humming a song and wish you knew what the song was?  With this application you can hum a few bars and it will use its vast library of over a million tunes to identify the song.  Want to come up with a bunch of lullabies for your baby?  This application can help with that.

3. iPregnancyWant to know what’s going on inside your body at this very moment?  iPregnancy tells you how big the baby should be, what’s going on physically with the baby, keeps track of appointments and has a great baby name function to help you figure out what you are going to name your little peanut when the time comes.

4. GroceryList  You may be on bed rest, but the rest of the family still needs to eat.  Don’t feel like you have to rely on your partner to handle everything with this application.  Now you can look up recipes, create a grocery list, sort the items on the list by aisle in the store, and then text everything to someone else to run to the store for you.  If your family runs out of anything they can scan the barcode using this application and it will automatically be added to the list.

5. My Baby’s Beat With this application you can actually use the microphone on your iPhone to hear your baby’s heart beat and your own.  You can record the heart beat and e-mail it to

6. After Baby is born: BabyTimerThis application allows you to keep track of the number of wet and dirty diapers your baby has each day.  It also keeps track of feedings so that you can report all of this information back to your pediatrician.

Good luck moms!

Taking My Girl To Monster Jam: Returns to DC End of January {WIN TICKETS}

I’ve taken my sons to Monster Jam®, the unexpected, unscripted and unforgettable, most family-friendly motor sport in the world, when they were younger and now that the show is heading back to  Washington, DC for three adrenaline pumping events at the Capital One Arena on January 26-27, I will take my daughter.

Girls can like big trucks too!

The show will feature eight of the most intense athletes of Monster Jam so Washington fans will get to witness a fierce battle for the championship with each competitor contending in customized high-powered vehicles: Monster Jam Speedsters, Monster Jam ATVs and of course, the iconic Monster Jam trucks in six events sure to leave fans on the edge of their seats.

I did not realize previously that Monster Jam drivers are trained, world-class male and female athletes.

To get the honor of driving one of these beasts on wheels, they have to who master not only the physical strength and mental stamina needed to compete, but the vital dexterity to control 12,000-pound machines capable of doing backflips, vertical two-wheel skills and racing at speeds up to 70 miles per hour to produce jaw-dropping, live motor sports action seen around the world.

Wowza! I cannot wait to experience this again up close and personal!

Fans are invited to the pre-event Pit Party before January 26 and 27 1:00 p.m. events where they can get up-close-and personal with the Monster Jam trucks and drivers, take photos and get autographs.

WHERE:         Capital One Arena – 601 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

WHEN:            Saturday, January 26 @ 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

                        Sunday, January 27 @ 1:00 p.m.

The Pit Party on Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. gives fans the opportunity to get up close and personal to the Monster Jam trucks and drivers.

:       Tickets and Pit Party Passes are available at www.ticketmaster.com.

But  you can win them here! I’m giving away 4 Tickets to lucky readers! Enter below now thru January 

4 Monster Jam DC Opening Night Tix

I am a Feld Family Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as

well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and

opportunities to attend private Feld pre-Show events.

Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine

5 Family Cars of 2019 To Consider If You’re Growing a Family

It’s a new year and Car Show season!

If you’re feeling the belly itch and you’re expecting to increase your family in 2019 or 2020, you may need to consider buying a more family friendly car this year.Here are our 5 top picks for family friendly cars to buy in 2019 if you’re expecting.

Photo credit: Simon Yeo

Mazda CX-9

Once again, for families in 2019 it’s still all about the SUV. Our top family friendly SUV pick is the Mazda CX-9 as it has an impressive ride and handling. It’s also got awesome advanced safety tech to keep new bub safe on the road. Older kids also won’t get bored on longer drives with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As a seven seater this one is perfect for larger families or for those parents who play chauffer to not only their own kids but their friends as well. This one comes in front and all-wheel drive models depending on your needs.

Photo credit: M 93

Chevrolet Malibu

If you’re not looking into buying an SUV then you might want to look at the Chevrolet Malibu for your family’s needs. The Chevrolet Malibu comes with a bunch of family friendly features. Perhaps most importantly it has excellent fuel economy for parents who are forever chauffeuring the kids around. The engine is officially rated for 33 miles per gallon on the highway and 26 mpg combined but many reviewers have fared much better during test drives. For a sedan this big, that’s pretty impressive.

Photo credit: The NRMA

Toyota Hilux

While not readily available in North America, though it can be ordered, the dual-cab doesn’t normally go hand in hand with family life, instead being designated to tradesmen, the Toyota Hilux seamlessly brings the comfort and room of a family car together with the handiness of a utility vehicle. This is the perfect solution for growing families that only want one car and for those that have many home renovation projects on the go. The performance is excellent and has super safety features to boot including 7 airbags, reversing camera, auto levelling LED headlights, daytime running lights and electronic stability program.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is our top pick for families that don’t need as much space and seating. Available as a 6-speed manual or automatic the Golf GTI is a fun little car, super affordable for those on a budget and of course very family friendly. Complete with a large infotainment system kids both young and old will enjoy riding in this car on extended trips or just to and from school. Cool sport seats in the front and a digital dash brings this hatch up to speed with far more expensive models.

Photo credit: Andrew Bone

Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia hatchback is the perfect choice for sensible families, however it’s also a lot more fun to drive than you probably think. While it’s a hatchback it’s still very spacious for the whole family, including a huge boot perfect for soccer parents. Opt for the Octavia Estate if you’re after a car with even more room in the back, the four-wheel-drive Octavia Scout if you’re looking at taking your family on light adventures and the sporty Octavia vRS if you’re all about performance.

7 Things To Get With the Amazon Gift Card You Got for Christmas

It’s time to use those gift cards you got for Christmas!  Since 2005, some $45.7 billion has been floating around in unused gift card balances, according to Finder!

We can guess why. Life is Busy. We are Forgetful.  Don’t join the statistic! Avoid hesitating on spending your gift card!

I recommend you get on Amazon and quickly order something you would ordinarily NOT get for yourself!

It is an excellent excuse to gift yourself something novel, fun, quirky or just different.

Here are 7 items I’ve seen, purchased, used and looked up to see if they sell them on Amazon and they do! Sweet! 

1. Game on!– Get nostalgic and play some of your fave Atari 6400 games you played as a kid with your own kids! We love Blast’s vintage “Plug and Play” video game that comes with a wireless controller and features 8-20 classic video game titles like Centipede, Millipede, Yar’s Revenge, Asteroids, Missile Command, Pitfall, River Raid, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Galaga and Dig Dug. We picked one up at Target for like $25.00 on sale. Online it’s at Amazon.com for just $18! My husband and I played for hours with our kids on Christmas Eve! So fun!!! Thanks AtGames for gifting us a controller as well!

2. Coffee Lovers – I have been eyeing KRUPS’  Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder for a while now and it’s down to $15! Perfect price point for this best selling press machine for coffee aficionados like myself! It makes 3 ounces worth of  yummy goodness in about 10 seconds! Love mine! I got one for Christmas and I’m hoping it saves me money on Starbucks! Oy vey! LOL!! 

3. Wine On – Ever since I won a wine tumbler in an Instagram contest, I’ve not stopped using mine. Not sure if to laugh or cry about that! ha! If you have an Amazon gift card, you can pick one up for under $20!  It’s my go to at the end of a trying week!

4. Future seekers – Going in 2019, a lot of people have big dreams and hopes of making the next year better than the last. I’m a fan of astrology and birth order and the zodiac and I can say emphatically that I got my kickstart going thoroughly through the pages of Mecca Woods‘ book “Astrology for Happiness and Success!” ($10.39)  I not only perused Woods’ very practical tips, delivered in a casual conversational tone for my sign, Virgo, I did for my children’s and husband’s as well. I found the career and wellness guidance extremely relevant and they appear so personalized to me! The book is wonderfully sectioned and organized making it a super easy read! You can pass it on to your mom, sister, bestie when done! Get it!

5. Ski down – It’s the season for hitting the slopes and a new pair of over the glasses ski goggles would be a great gift to give yourself this winter! These are just $18 on Amazon! It gets good reviews, fits with your helmet and fog resistant! Looks like a winner! I think I’ll get the purple ones!

6. Well Read – For the design and/or book lover, this exquisite reading lamp I peeped a teen using while sitting and reading books in Barnes and Noble over the holiday caught my eye. It is pretty, sleek and super portable. I asked her if she got it in the bookstore and she told me  no, Amazon! For just $15!!! I just ordered one! 

7. Wild Animal – Signal your love of your pet dog or cat with these adorable fridge magnets! I saw these on my girlfriend’s fridge a few months ago! I thought they were so cute and they’re only about $10 for a set on Amazon! 

Have fun shopping for stuff you know you may not ordinarily get for yourself!

Review: Start Out The New Year in These Luxurious Sheets

If you are on the hunt for some home items for the new Year to spruce up your digs, I invite you to check out the folks at California Design Den

a quality linen brand “dedicated to delivering high-comfort bedding that’s on-trend and built to last.”

Complimentary of this fabulous company, my hubby and I got a chance to check out of of its luxurious 400-600 thread count sateen weave sheets ($48.89 starting for king size), superbly crafted of fine products and created in an eco-friendly production process. 

I chose black because it is my fave color and matches my mahogany sleigh bed and dark wood furnishings in my bedroom. They also come in blue, chocolate brown, blush, light grey, vanilla, indigo batik, mod spa,  pure white, red wine and smoked pearl.

The sheets fit in perfectly and felt so smooth and crisp against my skin.  We have had it we had to wash them between reviewing them and publishing this post and I can attest that after a traditional machine wash and dry, they come without too many wrinkles and spread on the bed just as nicely as when they were first used!

I really love this brand of linen makers which sells a variety of fine sheets through commerce sites like Wayfair and Nordstrom Rack. They are also a top seller at Amazon

Check out all California Design Den has to offer and consider investing in one of California Design Den’s quality top-notched products for the home today.

If they were not an exquisite item, I would not endorse them as such so you know these are a keeper!

I will be checking out what else they have to offer now that I’ve tested out and enjoy so thoroughly these sheets!