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5 Essentials for your Fall weekend maternity wardrobe

Bellyitch Rewind

Weekends can bring a mix of events, outings, lounging, shopping or walking excursions outdoors during the fall and the pumpkin & farm season, in particular. It is important for the pregnant woman to arm herself with comfortable clothes that will keep her warm and still stylish all fall long.  Here is a list of items that your weekend wear collection should include:

1. Camisoles– You can’t go wrong with purchasing a variety of camisoles in winter colors: red, black, grey, tan, brown and white. Get long sleeve jersey shirts to wear over top. Peel off layers as you get overheated and add more as you get chilly. Some come with a bra sewn in or with bosom support which would be great because often times you don’t want to go with a bra under all the layers. 
2. Comfy stylish and great looking jeans – Opt for a  straight leg or bootleg styles that give you room to wear tights or thermals underneath on cold days and for outdoor shopping trips or walks. You can do dark denim, distressed, boy cut, white, or even go with colored denim if you are so brave.
3. Long-sleeve Jersey Tops – The jersey material stretches and is forgiving. You can put tops made out of this material on easily and they feel great against your skin when worn over a top and under a jacket or sweater.  Get them in a variety of colors.  
4. A Chunky Knit sweater -Wearing a thick chunky belted sweater, sleeveless or with sleeves, is a great option when it’s not that cold outside and you may feel to overburdened and heavy in a coat. A chunky cardigan in navy blue should complement with much of your clothes. 
5. A Dressy Dress – A maternity wrap dress or A line empire dress with bell sleeves is cayoooot in the fall and can be worn out to dinner, to a happy hour (in a smoke free place of course where you will be sipping on apple juice), the theater or even a semi-casual Holiday party.
For accessorizing, get maternity leggins or tights in dark brown, black, dark grey and tan, with argyle or other patterns to add a festive and quirky touch.  Thick-heeled mary janes, ballet flats, slouch boots and Uggs boots would do for the feet. Caps, capes and pashminas, fun, chunky and quirky rings and chandellier earings will add fashion and flare to your weekend wear. 

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PreFall Maternity Styling: Dress your Bump for Short Girls

Vertically challenged girls need hip maternity fashion too!

For pregnant ladies who are short in stature, you want to elongate your frame by wearing long tops, or throwing on a long cardigan over your outfit. Stick with tapered pants or above knee maternity pencil skirts. To lenghthen the torso, wear a v-neck or deep neckline shirt.

Here are some picks to get a look like the one above from the Isabella Oliver StyleMyBump campaign.

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What Prince George Wore and Where to Get it

Imagine at a mere one-year old, you can be a fashion icon, but alas, that cutie pie George is indeed a trailblazer in kid’s fashion, already. Like his chic and stylish mom, clothes that George is spotted in sell out in a matter of days and hours. Moms and dads worldwide clamor to outfit their little tikes in similar clothing as the Prince of Cambridge whose mom is Duchess Catherine (nee Kate Middleton) and Prince William
Here is a review of some of the cherubic fashion plates outfits and where you can pick up  the exact same designer and brand or a similar look from online retailers. 
As the family boarded a plane heading to Londong on April 25 heading to Sydney, Australia, George was outfited in a white Neck and Neck Polo Shirt and Red Stripe Dungarees both sold out. You can still pick up his  Navy Blue Leather Pre-walker Shoes by Early Days 

During the trip, the fam headed to the Taronga Zoo and dressed Georgie in a  Moss Stitch Cardigan and Navy Blue Shorts both from Rachel Riley‘s Spring 2014 collection.

During an April 20th trip to the zoo, George was uber cute in a Striped Polo Jersey and French Blue Pocket Shorts both SS14 by Rachel Riley.

But earlier, as the Royal Family departed from Wellington Military Base in New Zealand en route to Sydney, Australia on Wednesday, April 16th 2014, George topped his Milo Bodysuit by Chelsea Clothing Co (UK), worn over a collared shirt and kept warm with a  hand-made Cream Cardigan with Guardsman embroidery.

Tres posh!

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Summer Vacation: What to wear to the Resort

I’m heading to a much needed vacation in a few weeks and seeing my childhood friend CaShawn’s fab vacation pics of herself at the Casino in New Orleans reminded me I need to start packing; and picking outfits for different events.
Ciara in a shirt dress while pregnant – Instagram

Pulling off the casino outfit  is always a challenge because I’m never quite sure what to wear.  Do I wear a large muu-muu with big pockets to fit all my winnings, or nah?! Ha!

Really, the first time I traveled to one while on vacation in the Caribbean, I was amazed to see people dressed up. Who knew you were supposed to call ahead and get the dress code? Too funny.
My sister and her beau often take trips to our Maryland casino and before then to Delaware and from the pics she shares in social media, she sticks with the super casual look. 
Alas, I’m not that brave yet as I am like most who prefer just taking a bag of pennies to a real casino while on vacay so I know what’s going out.  But admittedly, it’s a guilty pleasure. ha!
Most casinos will say that they want their guests in the evening to wear smart casual clothing. When needing to put together a smart casual look for the casino, there are many options. For instance, dresses can even be part of a smart casual look.

For me, that means two things:  shirt dresses and wrap dresses!! I love a sheath dress and the wrap dress at least gives you shape and form.

When choosing a wrap dress, solid color are best that you can pair with ballet flats or sandals for a great look to wear to the casino.

You may wish to accessorize with a necklace or perhaps a colorful scarf. Wedge shoes also look great with shirt dresses.

Another easy way to put together an outfit is to take an outfit you regularly wear to the office and modify one garment. This garment should be replaced with a casual piece. It might be wearing the top part of a suit and adding jeans or chinos to it. It could be removing the jacket and adding a pretty cashmere cardigan.

The options for what to wear are pretty limitless.

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Study: Pregnancy loss linked to heart disease later

Miscarriages and stillbirths might be a marker for women at higher risk of developing heart disease later in life, an observational study suggested.
The study suggests that physicians should now include stillbirth or miscarriage on their list of items to ask about in screening for cardiovascular disease.
Coronary heart disease risk was 27% higher for women who had a history of stillbirth compared with none (multivariate adjusted odds ratio 1.27, 95% CI 1.07-1.51), Donna R. Parker, ScD, of Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in Pawtucket, and colleagues found.
That risk was a significant 18% to 19% elevated among women with one or two prior miscarriages compared with none in an analysis of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) observational cohort appearing in the July/August issue of the Annals of Family Medicine.
“Women with a history of one or more stillbirths or one or more miscarriages appear to be at increased risk of future cardiovascular disease and should be considered candidates for closer surveillance and/or early intervention,” they urged.
The American Heart Association guidelines already include pregnancy complications as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in women due to growing evidence for an association, but these don’t address long-term cardiovascular implications of pregnancy loss, the group pointed out.
Physicians should now include stillbirth or miscarriage on their list of items to ask about in screening for cardiovascular disease, argued Roxana Mehran, MD, of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, who was not involved in the study.
“This is so important because the prevalence of pregnancy loss is increasing as the [average] age of women who are becoming pregnant is increasing,” she told MedPage Today.
Women with a history of pregnancy loss perhaps should be screened earlier, agreed Mehran, the founding and immediate past chair of the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions’ Women in Innovations program, working with ob/gyns to promote screening women for cardiovascular risk factors.
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Is it a Summer Cold or Seasonal Allergies? (INFOGRAPHIC)


Did you know that 1 in 4 people suffer with a cold during the hot and humid Summer? People catch summer colds during air travel or going from the heat outdoors to the frigid cold inside their homes or office buildings. They can make you miserable just as much as winter colds. It’s best to avoid catching one, if possible. New York-based  Dr. Jennifer Collins, a physician who specializes in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology offers these tips to ward of a summer cold:
  • Do Work Out: Regular exercise is a great secret to staying healthy but it actually helps to boost your immune system!  Incorporate 15-30 minutes of exercise into your day to get maximal benefits.  No time for the gym? Take a walk or dance to some music. The more the cardio – the better you feel.
  • Do Increase your Zinc Gluconate intake: Zinc Gluconate is clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold by almost half. If you start feeling symptoms of cold, remedies such as Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy, releases Zinc ions into the throat and upper respiratory system to prevent the cold virus from spreading. Other foods rich in zinc include oysters, dark chocolate, lamb and peanuts.
  • Do Drink OJ (Vitamin C) and Milk (Calcium): Regular intake of Vitamin C, Calcium and Vitamin D can help prevent a cold.  These vitamins not only strengthen your immune system, but they are easy to get a hold of as well! A glass of milk, orange juice, yogurt or a quick trip the pharmacy for some vitamins can help you prevent the summer cold.
  • Do Drink Water: Drinking water regularly is an easy inexpensive way of keeping your body hydrated and your skin intact.  Your skin and linings of your respiratory tract are your body’s first and largest defense against bacteria and viruses. 
  • Do Have Fun! Of course, stressing out is one of the best ways to weaken your immune system. Stress increases your body’s cortisol level, a hormone to help you handle stress.  Laugh and play with friends and have lots of fun! Laughter reduces stress and the less stress you have helps your immune system function effectively.

  • Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands Washing your hands on a regularly basis is the easiest way to prevent yourself from getting sick.  You soap and water for at least 15-20 seconds.  If water’s not available use an alcohol based substitute to kill viruses and bacteria until you can get to a sink.  Try to keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.  These are entry points for bacteria and viruses into your body. 
  • Don’t Smoke This goes without saying – quitting tobacco may be one of the most difficult things you do, but is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Here are 2 tips to help you on your way.  Choose a quit date and tell your friends and loved ones that you are quitting so they can support you.  Increase your ingestion of fruit, vegetables and juice- these foods tend to make cigarettes taste less appealing.  Alcohol, coffee and sweets can enhance the way a cigarette tastes. Talk to your doctor about tools you can use to quit.
  • Don’t Deprive Yourself of Sleep Sleep plays a vital role in good health and avoiding the cold! Getting 8 hours of sleep on regular basis is important and can help protect your physical and mental health. Staying up late and waking up early doesn’t allow for your body to get the rest it needs to fight off germs.
  • Don’t Sneeze into your Hands Generations of parents and teachers have told children to cover their mouths and noses when they sneeze or cough. The rule still applies, but aim for your elbows or sleeves. Your hands touch everything all day, including your own face.
  • Don’t Drink Alcohol When you have the cold or flu, alcohol can dehydrate you.  Increase your intake of hot teas, water, and juices when you’re sick
Check out this infographic that lays out the basics and will help you determine if you are suffering from allergies or a Summer cold:

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Kelly Rowland is having a super fit pregnancy (PHOTOS)

Mom-to-be Kelly Rowland has been having quite the fit pregnancy. When the songstress isn’t showing off beautiful belly revealing beach pics (like above) to her fans and followers in social media, she’s being a role model for fit a pregnancy. 

In recent Instagram shares, the “Motivation” singer posted photos of herself working out, doing strength training and cardi exercises on the treadmill. 

The former Destiny’s Child singer who recently wed her business manager Tim Witherspoon this May told US Weekly  that she enjoys doing Pilates and boxing even whilst pregnant. 
We foresee a FitPregnancy cover shoot soon!

World Cup: 5 Soccer-Themed Workout Videos for PostNatal Mom

If you just had a baby and have been cleared to start working out again, sometimes you cannot get out to go to the gym or go for a run. In honor of the 20140FIFA World Cup now going on, we found a few fun cardio, strength and tonight soccer-themed workouts that  you can do while baby is napping or playing comfortably nearby. Give them a try.

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Mother’s Day: Last Minute Ideas on What to Wear Out Today

Happy Mother’s Day, moms and moms-to-be!
Whether you’re going to worship services, heading to brunch, a spa day or dinner later, you may be a last minute person and still scrambling to figure out what to wear. Here are some ideas from Chanel at Josic.com on what you can throw together really quickly this morning or later today that may work for your big day out:
Retro Dress You can’t go wrong with a cute floral dress. You’ll look just as sweet as your mom. Pair it with a cardigan sweater and ballet flats for a look that’s effortless but appropriate.
Print Pants Skip the trousers and wear pants in a fun print. They would look great with a monochrome top such as a light sweater or a blouse. You can also wear them with loafers or oxford shoes.

Sweater It’s May but it’s still cold in some parts of the country. Wear a light sweater with a pair of fun print pants, as mentioned before. Or you can opt for a short-sleeved linen sweater, which is huge for spring.
Skirt You can always go the opposite route and wear a skirt instead. Just don’t wear a mini skirt. Instead, wear a knee-length skirt in a bright hue such as fuchsia. A peplum skirt is a cute and feminine way to perk up your Mother’s Day look.

Blouse Wear a solid skirt with a printed blouse to mix things up. Pair that fuchsia skirt with a black and white floral print chiffon blouse. Floral prints are huge, especially for spring.
Flats Swap out your high heels for something comfier. These shoes are appropriate for a day out with your mom. Wear ballet flats in a playful animal print or studded design.
Classic Handbag A simple purse that has a detachable strap is the perfect option for Mother’s Day 2014. Youc an use it as a clutch or wear it as a crossbody bag. Add a pop of color to your wardrobe with a coral or orange handbag.
Jewelry Show mom your appreciation for her with a necklace or ring that says “love” or “daughter.” You can be an even better daughter and get her a matching set!
Have fun!

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Double Trend Alert: Geometric patterns and Black and White -Pregginista style

Geometric shapes are making a return this Spring. So are the colors black and white. 
Traditionally, pregnant women are told to stay far away from prints if pregnant so as not to accentuate all the extra spread that happens when baking a bambino!
But you can totes pull it off with careful stying. Simply wear one  of the following dressed under neath a long dark cardigan to to frame the look and voila! Style and Trendy without looking like a disco ball!

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