5 Essentials for your Fall weekend maternity wardrobe

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Weekends can bring a mix of events, outings, lounging, shopping or walking excursions outdoors during the fall and the pumpkin & farm season, in particular. It is important for the pregnant woman to arm herself with comfortable clothes that will keep her warm and still stylish all fall long.  Here is a list of items that your weekend wear collection should include:

1. Camisoles– You can’t go wrong with purchasing a variety of camisoles in winter colors: red, black, grey, tan, brown and white. Get long sleeve jersey shirts to wear over top. Peel off layers as you get overheated and add more as you get chilly. Some come with a bra sewn in or with bosom support which would be great because often times you don’t want to go with a bra under all the layers. 
2. Comfy stylish and great looking jeans – Opt for a  straight leg or bootleg styles that give you room to wear tights or thermals underneath on cold days and for outdoor shopping trips or walks. You can do dark denim, distressed, boy cut, white, or even go with colored denim if you are so brave.
3. Long-sleeve Jersey Tops – The jersey material stretches and is forgiving. You can put tops made out of this material on easily and they feel great against your skin when worn over a top and under a jacket or sweater.  Get them in a variety of colors.  
4. A Chunky Knit sweater -Wearing a thick chunky belted sweater, sleeveless or with sleeves, is a great option when it’s not that cold outside and you may feel to overburdened and heavy in a coat. A chunky cardigan in navy blue should complement with much of your clothes. 
5. A Dressy Dress – A maternity wrap dress or A line empire dress with bell sleeves is cayoooot in the fall and can be worn out to dinner, to a happy hour (in a smoke free place of course where you will be sipping on apple juice), the theater or even a semi-casual Holiday party.
For accessorizing, get maternity leggins or tights in dark brown, black, dark grey and tan, with argyle or other patterns to add a festive and quirky touch.  Thick-heeled mary janes, ballet flats, slouch boots and Uggs boots would do for the feet. Caps, capes and pashminas, fun, chunky and quirky rings and chandellier earings will add fashion and flare to your weekend wear. 

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