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25 Blogs With Winter Maternity Wear Style Ideas

Bellyitch Rewind
Being pregnant is an exciting time.  V
isions of nurseries dance in your head and it’s likely that you find yourself consumed with shopping for onesies, stuffed animals and the perfect blanket to wrap around your bundle of joy. You also have probably noticed that, in addition to all of the things your baby needs, you need a new wardrobe to fit your expanding belly as well. These days, designers have the most stylish looks in maternity wear.  You can buy things for work that allow you to look professional and still be comfortable or for the weekend when you are kicking back and enjoying life.  And for that fabulous party you have coming up, there are plenty of party dresses too.

Combine those with comfy sleepwear and workout wear and you have yourself a whole new wardrobe, and what’s more fun than buying brand new clothes?  You want to look fantastic while you are pregnant right?

Check out these 25 fabulous fashion blogs that will send you in the right direction.

Work Wear
Sometimes it can be tough to get yourself out of bed, especially as

your body grows and changes with the baby, but keep in mind that when

you look good you feel good.  Look for clothing items that will grow

with you.  These five blog entries will show you what’s in style for

maternity work wear.
Weekend Wear
Step out in style as you enjoy life before baby.  You’ll need a great

pair of jeans and some comfy sweaters.  Tights and leggings are also a

way to stretch your existing wardrobe. Throw on some maternity leggings,

a long sweater and some boots and you are ready to go anywhere and

still be in style. Take a look at these five blog posts regarding fun

and functional weekend wear.

Party Wear
You may be pregnant, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still have

places to go and people to see.  What if you have a wedding to attend or

a business dinner on the calendar?  These blog posts will give fashion

ideas for dresses you can wear to all different types of events, from a

party to the opera.  Think haute couture is out of your reach when

you’re pregnant?  Think again!
Sleeping can be difficult while you are pregnant.  You can’t seem to

get comfortable and your favorite position to sleep in doesn’t really

work right now.  With all of those sleeping hurdles you don’t want to

have sleepwear that is uncomfortable too.  Check out these five blog

posts with comfy sleepwear options.
Workout Wear
Doctors recommend that pregnant women continue to work out if they

previously followed a workout regimen. Fortunately, many athletic pants

and tops are stretchy and will allow you a little time before you need

to change anything.  But once you get past the middle of your second

trimester you may not want tight clothes on your tummy.  These five blog

posts have included some maternity workout clothes so that you can stay

healthy for the baby and for you.
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4 YEARS & Over 100 FAB Bellyitch Instagram Posts You Missed — Join Us!

100 Ig POSTS

Today, I got an alert that someone had liked several old pics on our Bellyitch Blog Instagram page. Those pics had me reminiscing on all the great topics and celebrity pregnancies we have covered in close to 8 years of this site’s existence. Even though we’ve only been on Instagram since 2012, a couple years after the social media app even launched, we’ve used it to share with audiences on that site all the fun and informative issues we were discussing in the blog.

I noticed too that even though the account has over 3,000 followers, it could have tons more given how long it has existed…and even though it has a great following of pregnant, new and veteran parents, very few of them show us love with “likes” on our photos. I use hashtags to draw the attention of various folks who monitor certain topics on IG at times.

So this is my plea to you to take a look at all our fab IG posts and consider following us on IG so you can get alerts of posts you may have missed, especially if IG is your social media platform you spend most of your free time on. Also, when you see one of our posts, I ask that you hit like!  That means a lot to us and know that we are serving up just the right content for our audience and viewers!

Begging is not overrated and as the 90s group TLC sang, “I ‘aint to proud to beg.” tee hee I curated over 100 posts I screen grabbed for you to take a look at and if you see a topic you missed, do a search for it right here too! Thanks for being loyal reader all these years!  I really appreciate each and every one of you! <3


World Breastfeeding Week: #Nats Open MLB’s First Ever Breastfeeding Lounge

nats nursing

For World Breastfeeding Week, we will also like to recognize Bellyitch Blog‘s home Major League Baseball team The Washington Nationals for being the first team in the leauge to have a lounge area just for breastfeeding moms.

Alexandria, Virginia-based Lansinoh Laboratories Inc. sponsored the new lounge which is located near Section 223 at ‪#‎Nats‬ Park.

nats baby

The lounge is air-conditioned, and includes TVs, diaper changing stations, a play area for toddlers and many electrical outlets.

It also features comfortable chairs for breastfeeding mothers, diaper changing stations and a play area for toddlers.

“We are excited to unveil a dedicated and comfortable space for nursing mothers,” said Valerie Camillo, the Nationals’ chief revenue and marketing officer. “We truly value the fantastic feedback fans offered us, and are grateful for Lansinoh’s assistance in creating this space.”

The family lounge opened yesterday, Thursday, August 6.

Thank you for an amazing year!

Happy New Year’s Eve, Friends!
We wanted to take a break today and say thank you to our loyal readers who come here regularly to check in on all the latest celebrity bump watch sightings and news, for regular articles on parenting, pregnancy, and for maternity style tips and ideas.
This blog started a little over 7 years ago, when I was pregnant with my third and final child, daughter GG, who coincidentally turns 7 today (see my cute IG video tribute HERE).
Since then, it has evolved to a go-to resource for expecting, new and veteran parents and for those who love to keepup with the latest pregnant celebrity. 
We were excited this year to be named one of RedTri‘s top “Blogs Every New Parent Should BookMark“. It’s the second time getting this honor and we proudly wear the badge of honor in our sidebar!
This July, I also learned that I my Google Plus profile had gotten over 36 million page views, surpassing Google’s CEO and many of its top executives and brand ambassadors. Upon research, I discovered that this blog and its content circulating in social media and online was instrumental to such a high number which is now close to 50 million. That is an increase of over 10 million additional page views in 6 months! Wow!
And for that, I’d like to thank you all so much for sharing our posts and pinning images on Pinterest because I know that we cannot reach wider audiences without the gracious assistance of regular readers and Pinners. 
This year, we also started the plan to implement our 2013 partnership we entered with cross platform developer company  Clearly Innovative to create an innovative app for expecting parents and finally got funding from a private angel fund to build out our staff  more and grow in the future. 
We are looking forward to bringing many more fabulous and amazing features and stories in 2015. Thank you again for riding with us this long and we wish you a prosperous and successful New Year!

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5 Essentials for your Fall weekend maternity wardrobe

Bellyitch Rewind

Weekends can bring a mix of events, outings, lounging, shopping or walking excursions outdoors during the fall and the pumpkin & farm season, in particular. It is important for the pregnant woman to arm herself with comfortable clothes that will keep her warm and still stylish all fall long.  Here is a list of items that your weekend wear collection should include:

1. Camisoles– You can’t go wrong with purchasing a variety of camisoles in winter colors: red, black, grey, tan, brown and white. Get long sleeve jersey shirts to wear over top. Peel off layers as you get overheated and add more as you get chilly. Some come with a bra sewn in or with bosom support which would be great because often times you don’t want to go with a bra under all the layers. 
2. Comfy stylish and great looking jeans – Opt for a  straight leg or bootleg styles that give you room to wear tights or thermals underneath on cold days and for outdoor shopping trips or walks. You can do dark denim, distressed, boy cut, white, or even go with colored denim if you are so brave.
3. Long-sleeve Jersey Tops – The jersey material stretches and is forgiving. You can put tops made out of this material on easily and they feel great against your skin when worn over a top and under a jacket or sweater.  Get them in a variety of colors.  
4. A Chunky Knit sweater -Wearing a thick chunky belted sweater, sleeveless or with sleeves, is a great option when it’s not that cold outside and you may feel to overburdened and heavy in a coat. A chunky cardigan in navy blue should complement with much of your clothes. 
5. A Dressy Dress – A maternity wrap dress or A line empire dress with bell sleeves is cayoooot in the fall and can be worn out to dinner, to a happy hour (in a smoke free place of course where you will be sipping on apple juice), the theater or even a semi-casual Holiday party.
For accessorizing, get maternity leggins or tights in dark brown, black, dark grey and tan, with argyle or other patterns to add a festive and quirky touch.  Thick-heeled mary janes, ballet flats, slouch boots and Uggs boots would do for the feet. Caps, capes and pashminas, fun, chunky and quirky rings and chandellier earings will add fashion and flare to your weekend wear. 

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Pregnancy Haiku

While combing through the Blog’s 6 year archives, I discovered some pretty creative short posts and thought I would share the best 5 here, my Bellyitch Blog Haiku.

poor soon-to-be-middle child.
He insists on sitting on my rapidly vanishing lap. That is his favorite spot for reading a book or coloring while I’m on the computer.
UNFORTUNATELY, LITTLE MUNCHKIN, there is little room on there as Baby#3 grows and grows.
He slips off. He wiggles his little bum BACK BACK to try to squeeze back on…
He slides…He slips.
I have to put him on his own chair to sit on his own bottom.
Mommy’s lap is “Out of Order” for 3 months, I tell him. Come Back in February.
ode to Garlic

Garlic. Oh Garlic. How do I hate your scent? Let me count the ways.
Pungent. Offensive. You make me want to barf. You waif through the air
Attach to my clothes, my skin. No amount of spearmint, peppermint or vanilla mint toothpaste of mouthwash can banish your aroma…
you stank.
so it’s bad enough I’m already clumsy and a bit on the less than graceful side…throw in a bout of pregnancy-induced klutziness and look out world!
sometimes I feel there is a practical joke- busting ghost or spirit walking around just knocking stuff out of my hands for fun.
why else would I drop the entire bowl of cookie dough my son and I were going to bake on Monday or spill a half a cup of coffee on my lap while dropping off my other son yesterday for no apparent reason…really, I keep dropping stuff left and right. Is my equilibrium off or something? Do I need glasses?
geez! I’m feeling quite Steve Urkel these days that’s for sure.
sleep v. the bladder

this time around, i’m not letting my bladder win
even with a gallon of pee resting on my groins, I refuse to get up and interrupt those lovely and vivid dreams pregnant women get
so i get up once a night and not 3 x as with the boys’ pregnancy…i’m gonna ask my doc if I am destroying my bladder doing this and setting myself up for incontinence in the future!
i suppose the first time i wake up in small puddle that would put an end to my stubborn battle…
tee hee….
someone needs a facial
i think of the intro to hip hop star Kelis’ song “Bossy” which starts with “diamonds on my neck, diamonds on my grill…” I LOVE KELIS! (video HERE
but in my version it goes, “I got pimples on my neck…pimples cause this girl…pimples on my neck…”
HAHAHA! i’ve counted 5 pimples on my neck and 4 on my chin in the LAST TWO DAYS! wHAT DA??? I am blessed with pretty good skin so these things set a sister back a bit…I’ve been mudmasking it for two days, but I think i need professional intervention….

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