Summer Vacation: What to wear to the Resort

I’m heading to a much needed vacation in a few weeks and seeing my childhood friend CaShawn’s fab vacation pics of herself at the Casino in New Orleans reminded me I need to start packing; and picking outfits for different events.
Ciara in a shirt dress while pregnant – Instagram

Pulling off the casino outfit  is always a challenge because I’m never quite sure what to wear.  Do I wear a large muu-muu with big pockets to fit all my winnings, or nah?! Ha!

Really, the first time I traveled to one while on vacation in the Caribbean, I was amazed to see people dressed up. Who knew you were supposed to call ahead and get the dress code? Too funny.
My sister and her beau often take trips to our Maryland casino and before then to Delaware and from the pics she shares in social media, she sticks with the super casual look. 
Alas, I’m not that brave yet as I am like most who prefer just taking a bag of pennies to a real casino while on vacay so I know what’s going out.  But admittedly, it’s a guilty pleasure. ha!
Most casinos will say that they want their guests in the evening to wear smart casual clothing. When needing to put together a smart casual look for the casino, there are many options. For instance, dresses can even be part of a smart casual look.

For me, that means two things:  shirt dresses and wrap dresses!! I love a sheath dress and the wrap dress at least gives you shape and form.

When choosing a wrap dress, solid color are best that you can pair with ballet flats or sandals for a great look to wear to the casino.

You may wish to accessorize with a necklace or perhaps a colorful scarf. Wedge shoes also look great with shirt dresses.

Another easy way to put together an outfit is to take an outfit you regularly wear to the office and modify one garment. This garment should be replaced with a casual piece. It might be wearing the top part of a suit and adding jeans or chinos to it. It could be removing the jacket and adding a pretty cashmere cardigan.

The options for what to wear are pretty limitless.

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