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A Way You Can Help The Migrant Children At the Border

By now, you are most likely aware of the humanitarian crisis at the southern border of the United States where thousands of migrants escaping violence in Central America are being managed.

The current administration has taken an”zero tolerance” program of jailing all who cross into the US without prior authorization and taking any children traveling with adults and putting them in holding facilities.

Some children are as young as 8 months old which is considered infancy. Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that the government has started to hold these babies in “tender age shelters”.

As of this morning, US President Donald J. Trump has decided to sign an executive order reversing his policy to stop the separation of families.

But this doesn’t help those already deported or jailed. An organization in San Antonio Texas is working to pay the bail and find legal representation for the parents.

A fundraiser has been started that is close to raising $15M towards this effort that you can consider donating to.

I don’t know where all of my readers fall on the political spextrum, but I’m hopeful that most see this as a humanity thing.

Even if someone thinks the parents are wrong for risking it all going to America, are using their kids to abuse American kindness or policies or that the kids and their parents should be deported, none of these beliefs detract from the fact that children should remain with their parents.

The American Psychological Association issued a statement stating among other things:

Psychological research shows that immigrants experience unique stressors related to the conditions that led them to flee their home countries in the first place. The longer that children and parents are separated, the greater the reported symptoms of anxiety and depression for the children. Negative outcomes for children include psychological distress, academic difficulties and disruptions in their development.

There! Cannot say much more than that.

Viral: This Massachusetts Dad’s Hilarious Paternity Shoot

Massachusetts dad Nick Roberts surprised attendees to his and his girlfriend’s gender reveal party with photos from a special kind of pregnancy photo shoot: a paternal one.

During the June event, the Peabody resident showed off photos of himself posing at a beach in the town of Nahant, cradling his visible belly and doing all of the cliche maternity shoot poses.

Roberts and girlfriend Brianna Magee have  since welcomed a son.

Roberts told the Associated Press that he and his friend, who is a photographer, Stephen Ciowk, grabbed some fast food before the shoot to “try to look a little pregnant.”

Roberts’ girlfriend, told WHDH-TV she flipped through the pictures and “just started laughing harder and harder.”

Roberts says the photo shoot was “extremely difficult because we just kept laughing.”

Cwiok told PEOPLE magazine that  they sneakily put the photo album down on a table at the gender reveal and “it was a huge hit.”

He added the “entire time [we thought], ‘She’s going to hate us for this,” adding that they kept the photos a secret after taking them in May. They showed them off in a wedding-style photo album at the gender reveal party in June.

photos: Stephen Cwiok

The Push to Stop Surgeries on Children Born with Sex Organs of Both Gender Takes Flight

With all the recent focus on bathroom access for transgender individuals, it is interesting to note that there is another fight in the gender fluidity world: a push to end a practice in the medical culture of performing gender assignment surgery on infants born with genitalia that don’t quite meet definitions of typically male or typically female bodies.

In the past, we used the now-considered derogatory pejorative term hermaphrodite to describe what is now, more appropriately termed “intersex”.  Like the outdated term, the current medical paradigm  is also based on outdated medical theories popularized in the 1960s, states Kyle Knight, a researcher at Human Rights Watch.

“Doctors perform surgery on intersex children – often in infancy – with the stated aim of making it easier for them to grow up “normal.” Knight tells Bellyitch. “The fact that it is being challenged now is rooted in patients’ rights advocacy, understandings of bodily autonomy, and in part due to an opening up of dialogues about gender and sexuality. Much of the desire to make intersex people’s bodies ‘normal’ was rooted in homophobia—in that, a vagina had to be deep enough to take in a penis, a clitoris couldn’t be so big that it looked like a penis, etc. Those are not medical reasons, but biased interpretations of what a ‘normal’ body is.”

Knight’s organization recently released a report with  InterACT, a group advocating for intersex youth, aimed at educating the public on surgeries on intersex children deemed “unnecessary” and that urges Congress to ban the practice.

Essentially, the procedures were the traditional and common way of dealing with children born with sexual characteristics that do not neatly align with a typical boy or girl.

But HRW and InterACT’s argument is that before rearranging anatomy in medically unnecessary procedures to fit into the “normal” construct, parents should be informed and should wait until a child is old enough to have a say in the decision.

As Associated Press  recently reported, the practice is actually now under “assault” as the American Medical Association is currently considering a proposal to discourage it.  Also, according to that news report, three former U.S. surgeons general say it’s unjustified.

AP also references the Human Rights Watch report which calls “the results” of these surgeries “catastrophic” and asserts they “can inflict irreversible physical and psychological harm.”

The surgeries carry the risk of nerve damage, scarring, decreased sensitivity when adults and more.

And if you ever wondered whether some transsexual adults may have been intersex at birth but were operated on as a child to remove aspects of their true gender, then a recent out-of-court settlement may prove your hunch to be true.

This week, a family reached a $440,000 settlement against the Medical University of South Carolina for operating on their adopted son at 16-months old to look like a girl. Their son, M.C., now identifies as a boy.

There is also support groups out there for parents of intersex kids, the biggest one is AIS-DSD.

Members include some of Faith who decide against surgery because of their faith.

Knight agrees.

“Parents come to the conclusion to push back on surgery from a number of different perspectives—some say God made their baby perfect, God doesn’t make mistakes, and doctors should not try to play God with their child’s body,”he offered. “Others understand that while their child may transition in their gender identity later in life, the best support and care they can provide for their infant has nothing to do with adult gender identity and everything to do with love and support just like any other kid.

“Support groups and connections with other parents in similar situations is a crucial resource. Parents are understandably confused and afraid—there are daunting social situations in the immediate and on the horizon—but there is good advice out there, it’s just a matter of doctors referring to these groups and not bludgeoning parents with threats of hypothetical social outcomes like bullying and ‘middle school locker room’ teasing instead.”

This video shares the stories of two intersex children and give more insight on the campaign to stop surgeries on intersex children in infancy. Check it out.

Woman charged with murder for taking abortion pills she bought online still faces charges

kelissa jones

Murder charges against a woman who took an online abortion pill to terminate her 5 1/2 month pregnancy have been dropped, but she still faces other charges

Kenlissa Jones broke up with her boyfriend and according to  her brother could not afford an abortion the traditional way.  She opted for purchasing the prescription drug Cyotec from a Canadian pharmaceutical company. The four pills Jones took induced labor and she delivered the baby in the back of a neighbor’s car on the way to the hospital

Hospital officials alerted authorities and police threw Jones in a Dougherty County jail and charged her with malice murder and possession of a dangerous drug.

An attorney for the National Advocates for Pregnant Women predicted the case would be thrown out. Lynn Paltrow, who is also the group’s executive director told The Guardian that Georgia case law explicitly prohibits prosecuting women for foeticide involving their own pregnancies.

Jones’ brother Ricco Riggens told the Washington Post that Jones gave birth to another child earlier who was taken away from her and given to another family member.

Riggens, who lives in Alabama,  gained custody of Jones’ first child, a  20-month old child she delivered almost two years ago.

He is described at sobbing over the still born death of his nephew.

“These past four days, I cried buckets of tears; I cried in that lady’s office for a long time,” Riggins told The Washington Post. “It was gut-wrenching..I hate it. I just really, really hate it.”

Jones still faces charges for misdemeanor possession of a dangerous drugs, Doughtery County District Attorney Greg Edwards told the Associated Press.

Riggens said he doesn’t think his sister is aware of the consequences of her actions and her mother Brenda Jones said her daughter is mentally unstable.



Shakira teams up with Mattel to design toys

Second time mom-to-be Shakira and toy manufacturer Mattel are teaming up to release a line of toys.
Shakira co-developed the six products that will be available this November. 
products that were co-developed by Shakira in November, a press statement read. 
The Hips Don’t Lie singer has asked that proceeds from the sale go to her Barefoot Foundation, reports the Associated Press.
In addition, Shakira, who is mom to 21-month old son Milan with Spanish soccer star beau Gerard Pique,  will also create a web series for moms.
Aaah got to love the life of a celebrity moms who get such plum expert parenting opps so soon after joining motherhood. 
I am looking especially at those who pen parenting books and who design maternity or kids’ clothes before even birthing their first child! 
Yes, I might be hating. Ha!

Fastest growing US baby names reflect changing population: Daleyza, Jayceon & Jurnee

The big news from the United States Social Security Administration‘s list of most popular American names this week isn’t just that for the first time after 14 years, Jacob finally got dethroned as the #1 boy name.  Nope! Beyond the fact that Noah clawed to number 1 this year is what can be learned from the fastest climbing names: that they reflect the changing demographic in the US.

This year, the name Daleyza jumped from number 3,130 on the list to No. 585!  Daleyza is the name of the young daughter of Larry Hernandez, a singer who stars in a mun2 Spanish-language reality TV show called Larrymania.
Population statisticians predict that by 2050, the Hispanic/Latino-American population, Asian or of two or more races will be the majority of the 17 and under population in the United States.

“In the past, most parents were picking from a pretty well-defined set of names,” Laura Wattenberg, creator of Babynamewizard.com said. “Literally for hundreds of years, the English royal names dominated. You had John and Mary and James and Elizabeth.”

Today, she said, “we get names everywhere.”

RealityTV is a hot spot for picking names. 

For boys, Jayceon, a name of two hip hop artists, jumped 845 spots to #206 on the list. Popular rapper “The Game” real name is Jayceon and was featured on a VH1 reality TV show for a few seasons.
“Names have more widely become seen as a personal brand, a statement of individual style and personality, and so people are looking for a name that’s different from what other people have,” Pamela Redmond Satran, co-founder of Nameberry.com  told AP. “In the 1950s, everybody was looking to blend in.”
Among the other top risers for girls: Marjorie, Lennon and Jurnee. Jurnee Smollett-Bell is an actress who starred in the TV show Friday Night Lights and currently stars in Parenthood on ABC.
Among the other top risers for boys: Milan, Atlas, Jayse and Duke.
Read more about the names from the Associated Press coverage HERE.

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