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Sporty Mom’s Guide to Chic Diaper Backpacks Dads Can Carry Too

Parker Baby Co changing pad

Diaper bags are traditionally feminine and come in nice pretty pastels.

They’re often offered in floral prints and some have cute geometric shapes and target moms who prefer soft aesthetics in accessories. This targeting leaves  out the outdoorsy, on-the-go, sporty type moms.

The yoga mom or mom who enjoys running and hiking for fun may be less inclined to purchase bags with soft color palettes.

Similarly, I think those former rocker girl or hip hop loving dame turned mom may prefer a bag that is functional and in darker shades. They may also perfer gender neutral designs.

The solution for me when I was starting my family was to invest in a black leather diaper bag by Coach which had a neutral design but lots of structure. I also invested in a cross body bag.

The benefits of having a non-gender specific styled baby diaper bag is that dad can pick it up and cart it with him when collecting the baby from her grandma’s house.

A diaper back pack is the ultimate compromise between bags that have to be carried over one shoulder and that mimic a handbag and a cross the chest messenger bag which is a style common in men’s bags.

Finally, when it comes to color, you cannot go wrong with black.

Black is stylish, sleek and matches everything. It’s a fave of moministas amongst and stains are hard to spot on black items.

When you add all of these characteristics together, a few bags come percolate to the top of the list.

Here are three:

Obersee Diaper Bag

Obersee Diaper bag

The award-winning  Obersee Rio Diaper Backpack is top of mind.

This back pack is made by the same family-owned company which got its start selling leotards and gear for gymnasts. As you can see from the photo above, it targets the adventurous outdoorsy type family which prefers to keep hands free to actively participate in whatever action is around them.


Obersee diaper bag

The backpack has plenty of interior room and comes with a Baby Bottle Cooler and Changing Mat, Shoulder Baby Bag, Food Cooler, Clip to Stroller.

Overall, the diaper back pack gets great reviews for durability, quality of material and sturdiness of structure online.

Obersee diaper bag

There is plenty of space within the interior of this bag and atop is a mesh compartment that can be used to store a pacifier, stuffed animal or wash cloth that is airing out to dry and won’t soak the other items in the bag.

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Obersee diaper bag changing pad

And for moms and dads who routinely go and explore off the beaten paths, there is an extra large changing pad.

You  can be spread it out when there is no available diaper changing station. The size of this pad is extraordinarily large.  Exploring outdoors, socially distant, is a great idea during this pandemic!

Obersee diaper bag inside

There is a separate compartment in the front that separates blankets, change of clothes and other items. This compartment soiled by spilled foor or drink. The bag has a metal ring that you can use to attach to the stroller and also has a top strap for grab and go functionality.

The best function of this bag is its detachable cooler. You can house baby bottles or snacks in it. The removable cooler comes in a variety of colors if you want to mix and match.

Obersee diaper bag features

Parker Baby Diaper Backpack

Parker Baby Birch Diaper Backpack

A second functional and stylish neutral diaper backpack bag is the Birch Bag Birch Bag by The Parker Baby Co.

This bad is super large and comes in a chic grey with tan trim,  silver hardware, insulated pockets, stroller straps and a good sized changing pad. I wish the changing pad was a little larger but is it sufficient.

mom changing baby with Parker Baby Birch Diaper Backpack changing pad

There are ten functional pockets including a “mommy pocket” with key ring, insulated pockets, a laptop/tablet sleeve, changing pad (included) and more. The convenient stroller hooks allow you to connect it to your stroller while you get out for some fresh air after being cooped up inside the house too long.

Parker Baby Birch Diaper Backpack mom and baby

This bag is also made with a neutral design and for the modern mom and dad in mind. The Parker Baby Co is a family-owned business headed by parents of twin girls, a toddler and a sweet baby boy, which claims to “strive for simplification” when designing products. It gets mainly 4 to 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Parker Baby Birch Diaper Backpack dad

Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack

Hap Trim Diaper bag

The Hap Tim Diaper bag is a less costly alternative to the previous two which has upper mid price range. This is also cloth bag but is made for the rugged outdoorsy family who don’t mind being out in inclement weather. The bag is waterproof! It wicks moisture in light rain.

As with the other two pags, the shoulder pads on this bag are padded and extra wide for ergonomical comfort.  It also has plenty of space and compartments inside to chuck all the various things you have to carte along when you take baby out!

This bag also boasts a double design, meaning there is a separate section made to be removable. It can store items as well similar to the Obersee.  The bag is very large and spacious even without the front compartment.

It is also has 18 pockets that you can easily organize all the different things you schlep on trips short and long: your keys, mobile phone, laptop, bottles, change of clothes, burp cloths, receiving blankets, and more.


Finally, for the fan of designer bags, you have the Herschel Settlement Sprout backpack. This sleek yet highly functional back pack features integrated storage for diapers, wipes and toys, with an easy-access folding changing mat that stows in a custom compartment.

It is 17.5 inches deep so if you plan to take your laptop to the park or cafe (when the pandemic is over) you can securely fit it in this bag. It’s 100%woven fabric in the signature of this brand. This bad has large storage in the front pocket and external zippered side access to the changing mat when you don’t have two hands to manever the bag.

Because it is more of an adventure seeker backpag, it has a waterbottle pocket and a mesh container for yoru accessories.

buy from herschel


I also like this non diaper bag version that is sold at Smallable.

smallable herschel

There you have it! I hope this review was helpful to you and even if you don’t invest in one of these three bags, I hope this post gives you some ideas on what to look for when shopping for your sporty chic diaper back pack!

Good luck, parents and parents-to-be!

The 10 Things Every Well-Stocked Diaper Bag Must Have

Today’s diaper bags are fashionable and trendy, a far cry from diaper bags in past decades. However trendy doesn’t always translate to functional, and for a diaper bag to fulfill this role it has to be loaded with the appropriate supplies.

A fully stocked diaper bag ensures that you are always prepared for anything that may come your way. As you contemplate stocking your diaper bag, consider these 10 diaper bag must haves:

1. Wipes. Wipes are probably the most useful supply you can have on you at all times. Wipes are not only an essential tool for cleaning up a dirty bottom, but for many other messes as well. Use wipes for cleaning sticky fingers before getting back into the car to head home, or for wiping up a spill or spit-up. You can also use them for cleaning up the seat when you forget to clean up sticky fingers.

2. Changing pads. Changing pads provide a necessary and sanitary place to change the baby. No matter where you go you will need to have a surface underneath the baby to change him. Even when you use changing tables in a public restroom, you’ll want to have a clean and sanitary place to change the baby.

3. quiet toys. Small quiet toys help during changing times and while you’re out. Distracting the baby while changing helps to ensure a quicker diaper change. You may also find yourself in a store or restaurant in dire need of something that will keep the baby busy. Small quiet toys can come in handy then.

4. Diapers. Diapers are pretty important to keep on hand, and it’s probably a good idea to remember to keep several extra diapers in the diaper bag. If you end up being out longer than you thought, you will need to have plenty of diapers with you to change the baby at a moment’s notice. Figure that you will probably need to change her every few hours at a minimum. Figure out how many diapers you may need and then add a couple more for good measure.

5. Baby food. Baby food is important to bring along, even if you don’t think you will be gone for long. Once she reaches the age when she’s old enough to eat baby food, it’s pretty easy to put some in the diaper bag when you are heading out for the day. Don’t forget to bring a spoon and a bottle as well, unless you are nursing. Sometimes it’s nice to have a bottle of water for her if it’s warm out, just in case she gets thirsty.

6. Bibs. While out, you’ll need a bib. Bibs work great for feeding as well as for catching excess drool when babies are teething. Definitely bring one along if you plan to feed her on the run. The bigger the bib the more it will protect her clothing.

7. Diaper rash cream. Diaper rash cream is essential for the diaper bag. It seems that a diaper rash can spring up at any time, and this usually means it will appear when it’s the most inconvenient. Keep an extra tube in the diaper bag so that you will be covered no matter where you are.

8. A change of clothes. Bringing along a change of clothes can save a trip to the store. Things happen and you never can tell when you will need to change her clothes. If the diaper leaks or if she spits up on her onesie, then having a spare change of clothes with you will come in quite handy. It could even be because her big brother spilled his glass of juice all over her. There’s really no way to foresee what will happen, just that something will, and it’s better to be prepared just in case an accident strikes.

9. Pacifiers. Several pacifiers in a sealed bag can save you a headache later. Babies are great about throwing their pacifiers on the floor, and you won’t always be near a sink where you can clean it off nor will you be able to sanitize it while you are out and about. Bringing several clean pacifiers along can be an essential tool to help quiet her down while you are running your errands.

10. Snacks. Bring along some snacks for another way to entertain her in the stroller. Not only do kids get hungry between meals, it’s not always easy to sit down and feed them the second that they start fussing. If you want to make it until a convenient feeding time, you’ll want to be sure to have some snacks.

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How about adding on to that the a 7.A.M Enfant Roma Diaper Bag? It’s a chic, light-weight, roomy (15″Wx14″Hx10″D) and functional tote with plenty of space for spare clothes, books, make-up and laptop. In naddition to the spacious main compartment, this stylish tote has four deep pockets and an attached pouch. It comes in gender neutral shades so dad can feel cool about carrying it too. 
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