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Celeb Fitness Pro Schools Fans on First versus Second Pregnancy Belly Pop

fitness model

fitness model

We can always count on an Australian fitness Instagram celebrity to school the masses on diversity in pregnancy experiences and this time, fitness pro Emily Skye shared two side by side shots to show how earlier a baby belly “pops” after a second pregnancy compared to the first.

“Last pregnancy vs this pregnancy – both at 19 weeks along!” she captioned the photo of herself at 19 weeks pregnant for baby #1 and the same gestation for baby #2 with a much larger bump. “EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT!!”

Indeed at South Florida Morsani College OB-GYN maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. Stephanie Ros told Insider, it’s “totally normal” because the stomach muscles and tissues around them get stretched out during the first pregnancies.

“In future pregnancies, it doesn’t take much pressure to get those tissues to allow the growing uterus to push forward,” Ros said, adding that women may also find their baby bump sinks lower after the first pregnancy since the pelvic muscles are looser too.

Midwife Clare Herbert wrote in The BabyCentre., a second pregnancy (or any pregnancy after the first) may also look bigger sooner because the future child actually is bigger, which is common for second children.

It’s also possible for women to look bigger because they’re actually further along than they think they are, Herbert added, especially if they were still breastfeeding when they became pregnant. That’s because breastfeeding can interrupt the menstrual cycle, making tracking when the pregnancy occurred more prone to error.

The more you know….

Confused: Kim Kardashian-West Apologizes for Apologizing For Jeffree Star

Kim Kardashian West told her fans to calm down and quit blasting make up Internet star Jeffree Star for saying many racist things in the past; and they are not here for it.

Quick background: Star criticized some elements of West’s makeup line and to clap back at him, social media users and KKW fans rushed to her aid by blasting Starr for saying a lot of vile racists things he has said in his past.

Then when she saw the backlash against her defense of Star, she went back on Snap to apologize for apologizing on his behalf.  Head over to Insider for a full review. It’s even more juicy than the initial saga which you can find below, compliments of a Twitter moments embed!

Can you tell I’m  just so excited to be able to use Twitter’s Moments embed function and have them do all the work for me? Hashtag. Lazy Blogging. ha!