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Budget Posh: 3 Tips to Get a Sophisticated and Elegant Living Room

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The living room is a crucial space in any home; it is the first place any stylish homeowner looks to when trying to revamp a living space. Decorating and styling your living room is an opportunity to showcase your personal taste and show off your style muscles. This is easier said than done particularly if you have champagne style and you are operating on a canned beer budget. However, let your shoestring budget not prevent you from having that elegant and sophisticated living room you have always desired. Here are three budget friendly tips to help redecorate your living room.

  1. Start by simplifying your style

There is a lot of sophistication and elegance in simplicity. Doing too much may not only cost you more but may also end up making your living room cluttered and over-accessorized. You will end up with a disorganized and messy space other than the chic, elegant and sophisticated look you were going for. Simply begin by paring down your collection and ensure you only retain elegant pieces that evoke strong memory or have some sentimental value. The best thing about a simplified space is that every element of your design will stand out and shine. Here are some trips on de-cluttering;

  • Instead of many pieces of art that will make your pace look disorganized, go for a statement piece that stands out.
  • Creatively camouflage your television; a huge flat screen is a must have for most people however it can make your living room look congested. Visually minimize it by creating a gallery wall. Alternatively go for a salon-style arrangement around it. I am sure you are wondering how this works? Very simple! The frame of your TV screen will blend with the art work and distract the eye
  1. Go for vinyl flooring and laminate flooring instead of hardwood

Most Americans favor for hardwood flooring over luxury vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring without considering how affordable the latter methods floors are. When dealing with hardwood you have to worry about scratches and dents and a remodel that comes with a high price tag. Opt for vinyl flooring that looks like real wood instead of solid or even engineered hardwood as it is often times ¼ the cost and DIY friendly (meaning no expensive contractor!).

Vinyl flooring is extremely versatile in color because they use 3-D printing that resembles stone or hardwood. Additionally, vinyl planks are easily replaceable as compared to real hardwood; you can cut and install vinyl planks with only a razor blade and hammer!

Vinyl is not only cheaper but it is more durable and scratch resistant than hardwood. Since it is made of composite materials, it doesn’t dent and scratch like engineered or real solid wood does. Since vinyl is completely water resistant it can serve well in spaces that have a great moisture and water content, or rather places vulnerable to leakages. The best part is you can get it printed in almost any color, grain pattern or style to match whatever interior design style you have going in your living room. Wood look vinyl can give your home that classic and elegant feel that makes it more pleasant and welcoming with out the high price tag and expensive remodel. You can get free vinyl flooring samples from most retailers without even inputting a credit card to see what best matches your style!

window treatment

  1. Try out window treatmentsThis is a great way of saving the pocket book while getting a sophisticated and elegant style. Window treatments are a perfect replacement for unlined and flimsy curtains. Opt for secondary colors here that complement either your furniture color or main color scheme in the living room. Look for simple patterns or solid colors, window treatments that are too busy with lots of stripes and patterns can take away from the overall theme of the room and draw your eye away from the centerpiece of the room.

    These three design techniques will go a long way in adding elegance, sophistication, class and style to your living room space.

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Transform the Interior of Your Home on a Tight Budget

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When most people hear the words interior design, they imagine work being done in the home by experts who are handed blank checks to transform the design and layout. Interior design in the coming year is all about more for less, meaning more functionality on a more efficient budget. The following home decor tips are from the online interior design retailer GoHaus and will help you completely change the look of your home and interior design while not busting the bank.

An affordable way to change the appearance of a living or dining room is to change the color of the blinds covering the windows. Traditional wooden or white mini blinds are common in a majority of homes still, but you can make a huge difference by just changing the to color. Painting wooden blinds one of the accent colors in the room helps to tie everything together while giving it a fresh look and costs a fraction of doing a full replacement.

Blending Room Colors

One cool interior design trick that will look like you spent a fortune is painting your kitchen with blended colors. To pull off this home decor trick, you need to start with the solid color you want to use in that space, then mix a gallon 50% lighter and one gallon 50% darker. Now you can paint the walls the solid color with strips of light and dark shades to accent. Stools can be painted in one color while the seats or legs a blend darker. Cabinets can be painted with the solid color, with the trim and knobs the shade darker or lighter. Not the best when it comes to color matching? Check out this tool from Adobe to find the perfect compliment, triad or monochromatic color to any shade in your home.

Transform Open Kitchen Space


Photo Credit: Budget Dumpster

That open space above the kitchen cabinets is a perfect pallet for giving the room some real character. Think themes here, so if you are going with a mid-century modern theme in the rest of the house, utilize that open space to help blend the kitchen with the rest of the home. Place different accessories and lighting fixtures that reflect the mid-century modern design. Stick with neutral colors when you accessorize here so it doesn’t become the focal point of the room.

Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

Having new hardwood flooring installed in the kitchen, bedrooms, hallways, dining room, or living room, can be extremely costly, time consuming and often require professionals to do the job. Look for budget friendly flooring choices like vinyl plank flooring. Often it is a fraction of the cost and you can get the vinyl flooring in a click and lock construction to make installation extremely do-it-yourself friendly. Vinyl also comes in every color, grain pattern and size that you would want. You can find the perfect color to accent your color scheme or match a previous flooring in another room. Vinyl is also significantly more durable that hardwood. Making it the perfect budget friendly install for any room.

luxury penthouse apartments living room with designer features

luxury penthouse apartments living room with designer features

Faking Square Footage

One of the ways to increase the size of the bathroom is to simply fake the increase of square footage. While most bathrooms have shower curtains or frosted glass showers, this cuts down the size of the room to the eye. Clear glass shower doors add instant square footage to the bathroom and really open things up. Making this one change in the bathroom makes the room feel larger instantly.

Now you know some of the tips for transforming the interior of your home on a budget. Sometimes the simplest home decor tricks can have the biggest overall impact, so give one a try and see how your home interior improves right before your eyes.


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