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The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Easy & Fancy Kids’ Lunch


Many moms, like me, start out the school year with these grandiose ideas for fancy lunches to pack in the kids’ lunch bag everyday. I even purchased a neat new bento box and a fancy sandwich box to keep the bread moist and to separate the meat. These wonderful ideas usually lapse about a month into the school year.

Womp Womp Womp. Never fret, my fellow overwhelmed, overworked and underapprecated moms (and dads), Helen Brown at our content partners at Mode.com curated some pretty neat articles and posts with great super simple and easy lunches for the “lazy” moms, as she writes:


Check out Fancy School Lunch Ideas for Lazy Moms

by Helen Brown at Mode

When You’re Done Having Kids Why Your Husband Owes You a Vasectomy


After a married or committed couple make the mutual decision to no longer have any more children, the topic usually comes up about long-term strategies to avoid “oopsie accidental pregnancy” moments down the line. Most of us know at least one person who had a surprise baby when they thought they were done raising kids. No one wants that to be them, however, often times, the woman opts to tie her tube and a lot of discussion centers around the woman taking surgically invasive methods for permanent birth control.

One Mode author posits that it is the man’s job to step up and take the big snip and she curated a short list of articles that support the position as well. Check it out:

Check out Why Your Husband Owes You a Vasectomy After the Last Baby

by Helen Brown at Mode

Celebrities who Have Opened About Suffering A Miscarriage


There is an ongoing and existing taboo about miscarriage. It isn’t discussed often and couples that go through it often deal with it on their own. It is more common than conventionally thought. The pain would be lessened perhaps if more were open about it. Over time, several celebrities have opened up about their own personal loss. Because of their wide reach and influence, it’s great to hear them speak up. Beyonce, Courtney Cox and Bethenny Frankel are among public figures who’ve shared about their respective losses.

We’ve blogged about it often here, (and can check out our extensive coverage here) and we were happy to see our partners at Mode curate a few stories about celebs who’ve had a miscarriage. Check it out:

Check out Heartbreak and Hope: Stars Who Suffered Miscarriages

by Tend Editor at Mode

Your Diaper Bag Can Reveal A lot About Your Personality; Here’s How


Diaper bags have come a long way and are considered more than just functional totes to store bottles, a changing pad and other bibs. Diaper bags are also stylish and can be an extension of mom (or dad’s) personality. For a few years, starting in 2009, we did a biennial run down of the most expensive diaper bags, but nowadays, you don’t have to pay a lot of money for a fab diaper bag. You can get chic and trendy bags at lower price points, and a variety of styles.

Want to now what you diaper bag says about you? Kristi Valentini at Mode gives us a quick rundown:

Check out What Your Diaper Bag Says About You

by Kristi Valentini at Mode

photo: Petunia


These 7 Bloggers Make How Much More than the Average Doctor? Wow!


I remember when blogging wasn’t a much respected field and most people didn’t take it seriously as a profession. Oh what a difference a decade makes. In recent years, the internet has made kids on Music Apps, playing video games, tweeting, posing in Instagram and producing Vine videos very rich!

And then there is this list of 7 bloggers Mode.com rounded up recently who earned more than doctors last year! Wowza!!

A version of this post was originally posted on sister blog TechYaya.com

Check out 7 Bloggers Who Made More Than the Average Doctor in 2015

by Brenna Mari at Mode


Yeah You can Wear a Cropped Top in the Winter; Here’s How

cropped top

I love sweaters and layers. There is no better way to combine both than by wearing a cropped sweater layered under a knit or collared shirt in the fall or winter. It’s unexpected but a cute fashion look. Here are 8 ways to mix and match pieces while wearing a cropped top.

Check out 8 Ways to Wear a Crop Top in Winter

by Natalie Craig at Mode

Here Are 7 Kid-Friendly Playlists For Your Family New Year’s Eve Celebration


Are you planning to stay in and ring in the New Year with the family? Whether you’re going to be having a faux count down or letting the kids stay up until midnight, you’re going to need a kid-friendly playlist of songs.

A good bet is to get the latest KidzBop CD or Find the channel on SoundCloud or some other music streaming online service and blast it from your Deck or other portable speaker.

There are plenty of playlists on YouTube and other channels as well. Here is a pretty cool Bellyitch-Approved playlist from our partners at Mode.com.

Check out The Best Family Dance Party Playlists for the New Year

by Rachael White at Mode

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