Celebrities who Have Opened About Suffering A Miscarriage


There is an ongoing and existing taboo about miscarriage. It isn’t discussed often and couples that go through it often deal with it on their own. It is more common than conventionally thought. The pain would be lessened perhaps if more were open about it. Over time, several celebrities have opened up about their own personal loss. Because of their wide reach and influence, it’s great to hear them speak up. Beyonce, Courtney Cox and Bethenny Frankel are among public figures who’ve shared about their respective losses.

We’ve blogged about it often here, (and can check out our extensive coverage here) and we were happy to see our partners at Mode curate a few stories about celebs who’ve had a miscarriage. Check it out:

Check out Heartbreak and Hope: Stars Who Suffered Miscarriages

by Tend Editor at Mode

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