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Here are the Best Labor Day Deals and Sales

Labor Day is coming up, the holiday to celebrate the worker. However, in modern days, the day is looked at as another day off from work  or school and also for mattress sales! Really!

WalletHub’s Best Labor Day Deals & Sales report gives shoppers a roadmap to savings. Its Labor Day Fun Facts report helps to educate and entertain consumers with stats on all aspects of the holiday – from hotdogs and history to financials and 5Ks.

You can find highlights from each below:

Best Labor Day Deals & Sales

  • Treadmills are the best items to buy in September, relative to the rest of the year.
  • 2018’s 10 best Labor Day deals are:
1. Whirlpool Dishwasher – 43.40% off 6. Gourmet Griddle – 25.00% off
2. Inspiron 11 3000 Laptop – 35.00% off 7. NFL Jerseys – 33.33% off
3. Realspace Leather Chair – 35.72% off 8. Insignia 32″ Smart TV – 27.78% off
4. Moto Z2 Force – 44.44% off 9. Beautyrest Mattress – 64.03% off
5. Leather Tote, Peachy Pink – 40.00% off 10. Gemini Loudspeaker Pack – 40.00% off

Labor Day Fun Facts

  • 76% of Americans say legal immigrants are essential to the labor force.
  • 52% of Americans left a total of 705 million vacation days unused in 2017.
  • 818 hot dogs are eaten every second from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • $250+ Billion is the annual cost of worker injury and illness in the U.S.


These are the 2018 Best and Worst US Cities For Home Buyers

July is one of the top months for buying a home.  In 2017, close to 40%  single-family homes purchased by first-time buyers were made in July. To commemorate the month of home-buying,  personal finance website WalletHub took an in-depth look at 2018’s Best & Worst Cities for First-Time Home Buyers.

To determine the most favorable housing markets for first-time buyers, WalletHub took the pulse of real estate in 300 cities of varying sizes using 27 key metrics. The data set ranges from housing affordability to real-estate tax rate to property-crime rate. If you’re in the market for a new home before you start packing your boxes and making the big move, check out these best and worst cities for first-time buyers.

Best Cities for 

First-Time Home Buyers
Worst Cities for 

First-Time Home Buyers
1 Broken Arrow, OK 291 Anchorage, AK
2 Tampa, FL 292 Newark, NJ
3 Centennial, CO 293 Elizabeth, NJ
4 Boise, ID 294 Miami Beach, FL
5 Grand Rapids, MI 295 Oakland, CA
6 Thornton, CO 296 San Mateo, CA
7 Frisco, TX 297 San Francisco, CA
8 McKinney, TX 298 Flint, MI
9 Cary, NC 299 Detroit, MI
10 Gilbert, AZ 300 Berkeley, CA

Best vs. Worst

  • Akron, Ohio, has the most affordable housing (median house price divided by median annual household income), with a ratio of 1.72, which is 8.9 times cheaper than in Berkley, California, the city with the least affordable, with a ratio of 15.25.
  • Honolulu has the lowest real-estate tax rate, 0.28 percent, which is 13 times lower than in Waterbury, Connecticut the city with the highest at 3.65 percent.
  • Cleveland, Ohio has the highest rent-to-price ratio, 17.8 percent, which is 4.7 times higher than in San Mateo, California, the city with the lowest at 3.8 percent.
  • Shreveport, Louisiana, has the lowest average energy cost per household, $109.48, which is four times lower than in Honolulu, the city with the highest at $432.62.

To view the full report and your city’s rank, please visit:


Saint Patrick’s Day: These Are the 10 BEST and WORST Cities To Celebrate

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching and March being Irish-American Heritage Month to honor the 33.1 million people in the U.S. with Irish ancestry,  a couple years ago, the personal finance website WalletHub took a close look at  Best & Worst Cities for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations.

To find out which cities are the best for celebrating literally the greenest holiday in the U.S., WalletHub’s number crunchers compared the 100 most populated cities across 17 key metrics, ranging from “number of Irish pubs and restaurants per capita” to “lowest price for a three-star hotel on St. Patrick’s Day” to “weather forecast” for the holiday.

Best Cities for St. Patrick’s Day Worst Cities for St. Patrick’s Day
1 Boston, MA 91 Santa Ana, CA
2 Buffalo, NY 92 Fremont, CA
3 Omaha, NE 93 Hialeah, FL
4 Philadelphia, PA 94 Riverside, CA
5 Pittsburgh, PA 95 Memphis, TN
6 Tampa, FL 96 Oakland, CA
7 Madison, WI 97 Dallas, TX
8 Lincoln, NE 98 San Jose, CA
9 Gilbert, AZ 99 Birmingham, AL
10 St. Paul, MN 100 San Bernardino, CA

Comparing the Best & Worst

  • St. Louis has the highest number of Saint Patrick’s Day parties and festivals per 100,000 residents, which is 33 times more than in Phoenix, the city with the lowest.
  • Pittsburgh has the highest percentage of Irish population, 16.4 percent, which is 55 times greater than in Hialeah, Fla., the city with the lowest, 0.3 percent.
  • Seattle has the highest number of Irish pubs per 100,000 residents, 2.19, which is 28 times more than in Los Angeles, the city with the lowest, 0.08.
  • Atlanta has the highest ticket price for St. Patrick’s Day parties, $69, which is eight times more expensive than in Orlando, Fla., the city with the lowest, $9.
  • Chicago has the highest average beer price, $14.04, which is two times more expensive than in Albuquerque, N.M., the city with the lowest, $6.65.
  • Detroit has the highest violent-crime rate, 19.89, which is 40 times greater than in Irvine, Calif., the city with the lowest, 0.49.
  • Lubbock, Texas, has the highest number of DUI-related fatal incidents per 100,000 residents, 6.8, which is 10 times more than in Boise, Idaho, the city with the lowest, 0.7.

To read the full report and to see where your city ranks, please visit:


2018 Winter Olympics By Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC)

Today launches day one of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Check out these interesting facts and statistics in the infographic provided by our pals at personal finance website WalletHub:

$13 Billion: Estimated cost of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, 4x less than the record-setting 2014 Sochi Games.

$19.6 Million: Was spent on cybersecurity and X-ray screening for the PyeongChang Games.

$4,683: Average price of a week-long trip to PyeongChang for the Olympics.

242: Athletes on the U.S. team – a record for any country in the Winter Olympics.

169: Russian athletes received a special exemption to compete after Russia was banned from the 2018 Olympics due to a doping scandal.