Evelyn Lozada says no to maternity clothes, considers designing sexy maternity line

Basketball Wives’ Eveyln Lozada recently told Que Mas online magazine that she doesn’t wear maternity wear because maternity clothes make her feel “old and frumpy.”

The newly-engaged clothing store owner and author said. “I love tops that hug my tummy and show off my bump”

She added that she is thinking of designing a line of sexy maternity clothes. Why not? Throw your hat in the ring too.

“Pregnant women need to feel beautiful, wear gorgeous prints and nice solids,” the Afro-Latina mama-to-be shared. “Don’t conceal your bump! Wear it with pride.””

Good advice, mama!

….um  but on that old and frumpy maternity thing, we think she needs to take a better look at some of the creative maternity lines out there like Isabella Oliver for example.

These don’t look old and frumpy to us!

And some other brands too have done sexy maternity pretty well:

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