Your solitary MUST HAVE postpartum wardrobe item

Right after you have a baby, you may be anxious about getting back to the gym and working on getting rid of the pregnancy weight gain. I know I couldn’t wait until after my six week postpartum visit to hit the gym. When you are breastfeeding, you can’t pop diet pills or take any diet aid supplements to help your weight loss effort. There is a risk they may negatively impact your baby’s development and nourishment as well. So true because while I was taking pain killers from the c-section, my first child was extremely lethargic because he was drugged up too. I had to make a conscious effort to ween myself off of the meds despite the fact I was still in a lot of pain.
Anyway, I digress.
The only way to do it is slow and steadily, monitor your eating, exercise sensibly and stay active. Breastfeeding is said to help you burn 500 calories a day from the act itself so there is an added benefit to nursing.
But in the meantime, you have to stay stylish and comfortable. My advice is get yourself some uber cute sweats in figure forgiving styles and scrumptious yummy colors.

The sweats will be comfy under your still swollen belly and recovering scars and tender areas. Jeans and other pants can be confining.

And get them in a mix of colors, styles and materials for cooler and warmer temps, indoors and outdoor wear. It’s all about comfort post-partum.

You can mix up colors for casual out and about. And if you want to go fancy sweats, try doing same color matching sets too. This is the equivalent of dressing up for your post-partum, “I plan to wear track suits for two months” self. People are forgiving when they heard you just squeezed a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon. Trust us. (wink)

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