Bellyitch to sponsor Miss Ghana USA Pageant contestant

This Sunday was the Miss USA pageant won by Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, a notable choice because she was the first contestant ever to be crowned from that state. She is also the second “woman of color” to win a major pageant representing the US in a year. Earlier this year, the Miss America pageant crowned Nina Duvuluri, an Indo-Asian American as its 2014 queen. It all reflects the changing diversity and demographic of the US population. 
And now Bellyitch is getting into the pageant biz a bit too! We are helping to sponsor and support 30-year old DC-area pre-cancer survivor Diane Tackie vie for the Miss Ghana USA pageant set to take place this July 12th in New York City. 
Tackie is a graduate of the prestigious Eleanor Roosevelt Science and Technology program and a physician assistant who treats active duty US military corpsmen at the Pentagon where she works.  
The editorial staff chose her not just because she is a close family friend of the blog founder, but also because we were moved by her very touching pitch and the cause she will champion if she wins could help save the lives of young girls and women.
Read it for yourself: 

I would like to take this time and opportunity to express my sincere gratitude, as I am a finalist for Miss Ghana USA 2014. 

 About a month or so ago, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and interview to be a part of this pageant, my very first actually. Being a Ghanaian American I found it appropriate to partake in this pageant and utilize the strengths that I have been blessed. Being a Board Certified Physician Assistant for the past four years, I felt this would be a great opportunity to implement a plan of care for the platform I have chose in women’s health, specifically Breast Cancer Awareness in Ghana.  

Having breast surgery for fibroadenoma at 21, I can attest to the fact that a monthly self breast examination should be an essential part of every young woman’s way of life, as the diagnosis of breast cancer is occurring at a much younger age in women. 

More recently, “Triple Negative Breast Cancer” has  become prevalent in Ghana, a form of breast cancer that is very difficult to treat. I need everyone to please help to move forward with this pageant and implement my Breast Cancer Awareness platform. A portion of proceeds will be given to the Sweden Ghana Medical Center, to purchase breast models to help in the breast cancer awareness program. This program uses these breast models to teach the average young lady on the street to find the lump in the breast. 

Among other things the Sweden Ghana Medical  Center  provides treatment for  many breast cancer patients using radiation and chemotherapy. 

Currently, the Accra, Ghana-born pageant contestant, who says she was a shy child, has come out of her shell. She models  part time with Modelogic Wilhelmina, hosts events and is known as a DC area socialite. 
She also takes time to do service projects with her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Incorporated. and the Katie Able Foundation. Recently, the gorgeous and statuesque model was honored in the WKYSDC Top 30 Under 30 list, for young professionals in Washington, DC area in February 2014. 
If you want to join us in support, check out her Go FUND ME page and help bring this survivor’s dream one step closer to reality!

Thanks! We’re excited and can’t wait until the contest this summer!

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