Alyssa Milano to cover Fit Pregnancy (VIDEO)

Look for Mistresses star Alyssa Milano to cover the August/September issue of Fit Pregnancy

Inside the upcoming issue, the former child star (Who’s the Boss) reveals that she had a bit of morning sickness for the first three months of her pregnancy this round but not with her son, Milo.

That’s how she knew ” it was going to be a girl,” Milano shared.with the mag.

The mom-to-be is pretty busy juggling life with a hit show, while also co-hosting Project Runway All Stars and being a mom to a toddler while being a wife to Hollywood agent David Bugliari.

“I’m mentally preparing to be working pretty much until the end of this pregnancy,” she said, while also revealing that she is also managing a renovation on the family home outside Los Angeles. Wow!

 “I  feel good, but I’m tired, and I don’t know if that’s the pregnancy or because I’ve been working so much.”

As to whether she is one of those moms who love pregnancy or hates it, Milano revealed that she loves it.

“I don’t think it’s as romantic as we project it to be through the media, but I think what the body goes through is miraculous,” she added. “It’s such a cool thing to experience. I feel blessed that I’m getting another chance to do it, especially at 41.”

Check out a behind the scenes of the cover shoot

Alyssa Milano Interview on Pregnancy and Motherhood

photo: courtesy Fit Pregnancy

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