Summer: 10 Fun Activities to do At Home

This summer, finding fun things to do to keep the kids entertained and busy and off electronic devices can be a challenge. Courtney DeFeo, author of “In This House, We Will Giggle: Making Virtues, Love, and Laughter a Daily Part of Your Family Life” , offers parents a practical approach of how to instill virtues in their children through laughter, rather than lecture.

  1. Joke Telling. Grab a pretend microphone and host an open joke night.
  2. Game Night. Gather the entire family and choose one family friendly board game.
  3. Movie Time. Each person acts out a scene from your favorite movie.
  4. Swim Indoors. Fill up a bathtub, slip into your swimsuits, and pretend you’re at beach!
  5. Design a Fort. Build a fort with sheets and dining chairs.
  6. Best Costume Contest. Kids dress up in their parents’ clothes and accessories.
  7. Daddy Disco. Play an old ’80s tune and pull out your craziest dance moves for the kids.
  8. Mom’s Soprano Solo. Sing the menu for the evening in an operatic style.
  9. Hide-n-Seek. Play a daytime game in the house—or at nighttime using flashlights.
  10. Balancing Act. Find things to balance on your head, nose, toe, etc.
Have Fun!

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