This mom’s invention OmieBox takes on healthy lunch packing woes

They say necessity is the mother of inventions so are moms. 
One such mom, Nancy Yen, set out to find a solution for parents who make an average of  180 lunches per child per year and are always struggling to find wholesome solutions.  Most lunches are wasted and in fact, in most states food is the #1 source of school waste.
So with her design and engineer team of 2, Yen came up with OmieBox, an innovative bento box-like lunchbox:

It’s a lunchbox with a built-in vacuum insulated bowl, so parents can pack hot and cold food all in 1 box

It contains 3 leak-proof compartments that keep food separate and mess free

It includes special features that are so easy to use, kids never need to ask for help again

The OmieBox is also eco-friendly in that it is BPA-free and made of phthalate-free plastic. It is dishwasher safe, has an integrated utensil holder and comes in a variety of fun, eye-catching colors. 
She is doing pretty well with her Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to mass produce and sell the boxes. It has far exceeded its $42,000 goal and has raised over $72,000 in orders and sales and support. 
The campaign is still on and runs through August 20th. If you order a box through the campaign, you can get the box which retails for $49.50 for $10 off.  Get yours HERE!
Sweet!  Sign me up for three for my picky-eating brood of three!
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photos: OmieBox

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