10 Ways to Consolidate Kids’ Clothing Needs

Isn’t it amazing how our kids keep growing and growing?  It’s often hard to keep up with their clothing needs.  There are often so many sales and so many cute items that it’s truly hard not to over buy.  You know the kids are going to get three to six months of use out of these clothes so why buy them more than they really need.  Plus, in this economy we all need to find ways to save a buck where we can.  Check out 10 ways to condense your kids clothing needs.
  1. Take inventory: Go through the clothes that you already have for your child and see which items fit and which items don’t.  Take the items that they have out grown to a resale shop or donate them to a worthy cause.
  2. Assess how your child dresses: Don’t buy a bunch of dresses if you have a tomboy who doesn’t like to wear dresses.  This may seem like common sense, but for some reason people love to buy pretty dresses and then they hang in the closet with the tags on them.  Or they are worn once for that special occasion and that’s it.
  3. Buy separates: Instead of buying a bunch of dresses you need to buy separates so that you can mix and match tops and skirts.  You can also wear the tops with jeans or other pants.  A dress is one outfit, but if you buy three skirts and three tops that can be mixed and matched then you can get nine outfits out of those items.
  4. Buy basic colors: When buying pants or skirts think about buying basic colors, black, blue and brown. Those will go with a lot of different things you may already own.  The more combinations that you can make the better off you will be.
  5. Don’t buy outfits: Stores are great about putting together outfits, like pink and green striped leggings with a matching pink and green top.  This is a one trick pony.  You might be able to wear the top with jeans, but otherwise you can wear the pants with that one top and that’s it.  Plus it’s such a bold color choice that you don’t want to repeat it in the same week.
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