Back to School: 10 Apps that can Help with Homework

Once upon a time, kids who needed homework help had only their parents or caregivers to turn to. In today’s high-tech world, however, that’s all changed. Because a staggering number of modern kids have the power of an iPhone in their pocket, there’s a world of virtual tutoring programs available at their fingertips. Check out these 10 homework helper apps that can help kids manage and complete their assignments.
  1. iHomework – One of the most important things a homework-dedicated iPhone app can help kids do is to remember their assignments in the first place, and iHomework doesn’t disappoint. At only $0.99 in the App Store, this useful application allows students to keep track of their assignments for each class, manage projects, and stay on top of due dates for those assignments.
  2. FlashCards++ – Because this $3.99 app allows kids or parents to create their own flashcards for study purposes, this app can help kids from kindergarten to senior year study and retain information. Any area that your kids need coaching and special attention in can be managed with FlashCards++, and your created cards can be backed up with Dropbox to prevent data loss.
  3. Grammar Guide – When kids get old enough to start writing papers and book reports, teachers begin expecting correct grammar and composition, as well as an understanding of the covered material. With Grammar Guide, you can put a powerful reference tool in your kids’ hands, allowing them to look up anything they’re not sure about on the spot. Put an end to essays covered in red marks!
  4. Spelling Tutor – Younger kids can practice their spelling on the go using your iPhone if they don’t have their own with this $0.99 app that makes studying spelling fun. Create your own lists to correspond with those that are currently being covered in class as a study aid for your youngsters, and watch them become spelling bee champs.
  5. The Chemical Touch Lite – For kids learning the Periodic Table of Elements, The Chemical Touch Lite will be a lifesaver. The app maker says “Sometimes all you need is simply a periodic table.” Students will agree he got that right!
  6. Free Graphing Calculator – Graphing calculators are certainly not cheap, and they only have one use. This free app turns your child’s iPhone into a graphing calculator which, while still pricey, will at least allow you to keep in touch with them as well as help them complete their math homework.
  7. myHomework – A free app for managing assignments and test dates, myHomework is another that provides the very essential assistance of reminding kids that they have homework in the first place. The app can be used on either the iPhone or the iPad, and can also sync with the dedicated website to allow desktop access as well mobile management.
  8. iStudiez Pro – Not only does iStudiez allow your child to manage their homework assignments and class schedules, it also makes monitoring and tracking grade point averages and alerts easy. High school kids in advanced placement classes with high academic goals will definitely benefit from this app, which is directed largely at students on the collegiate level but can be easily adapted for high school users.
  9. Dictionary.com – Dictionary & Thesaurus – Recommended by Time Magazine, CNET and Apple themselves, the Dictionary.com app puts a comprehensive and exhaustive dictionary in your child’s pocket. In addition to the standard definition and proper usage information, this $2.99 app also provides audio pronunciation assistance and allows kids to shake their phone for random words, which is a powerful vocabulary-building tool.
  10. Mathemagics – Easy Algebra Fast – Mastering algebra is no easy feat, but this $0.99 app helps kids do just that. Helping kids learn to solve equations quickly, Mathemagics is like having an algebra tutor in your child’s back pocket. Practicing and accessing lessons, preparing for standardized tests, and getting top grades in algebra can all be accomplished with the combination of this one app and a bit of dedication.

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