10 Things Your Fall Maternity Wardrobe must Include

This fall, as you shop for your wardrobe for essentials to last you through the season whilst carrying a baby while pregnant or as a new mom, keep in mind some of these basic pieces.
If you start your capsule collection in your wardrobe with these key wardrobe items, you will be well on your way to establishing a foundation of basics and can go from there. 

1. Black Dress – The classic black dress comes in maternity styles and is a perfect thing to wear for a variety of outings, date nights, corporate parties, concerts and more!

2. Wrap dress – A wrap dress is THE best option, especially in black, for any event. It works well in casual, after 5 or more formal occasions. Use accessories and shoes to make it appropriate.

3. Fitted Suit –  Even if you cannot find a suit tailored to your belly, a blazer that fits on the shoulders but is tapered at the waist and a matching pair of maternity slacks will do. It’s not easy to wear a traditional suit with extra belly, but it can be done.

4. White Collared Button Down Shirt  – Every woman must own a white button down collar shirt in her wardrobe. A crisp shirt is great for the office or weekend.


5. Silk Scarf – A colorful silk scarf will add the spark of flavor and style to a monochromatic or otherwise vanilla outfit.

6. Khaki pants – Khaki pants can complement a variety of tops and are casual but can still be pulled of at more formal events or venues if paired with some pears or a twin set.

7. A Tote – A staple for any woman whether she is preggers or not is a handbag tote that can fit all of her essentials and then some. These can double as a diaper bag too if necessary and are more stylish than typical diaper bags.

8. Bulky Sweater – A bulky sweater is your friend when the temperature drops and even if you are going into venues with the air conditioning still blasting. Get them in dark colors that can complement whatever you are wearing.

9. Diamond Studs – Classic studs can be dressed up or down and if you are toting around an infant, she won’t yank them out your ear as she would a pair of hoops.

10. Stretchable Boots – that can expand as your calves grown and that have more give so it is not too constraining and tough on your circulation

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