What Nick Cannon tells twins Roe and Roc about fighting the flu (VIDEO INTERVIEW)

“Don’t touch your face with your hands” is the lesson

celebrity dad Nick Cannon instills

in his twins, Monroe and Moroccan when they’re out and about, jet setting

across country and meeting many people along the way.
One day after his birthday, the actor, TV host and producer

shared with us some of his tried and true tips and suggestions for protecting

himself and his children from the flu.
Each year, close to 20% of the nation contract the flu and of

those 200,000 have to be hospitalized for flu-related complications each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
Cannon said he feels it’s important to use his celebrity

status “to shine light on the things that really matter and it gives me

opportunity to do interesting partnerships like the one I have now with the

makers of Theraflu to spread

awareness this flu season to really get everyone ‘flu ready’.”
 That was the comedian

and TV producer’s reason for teaming up with the makers of Theraflu to promote

its Fluprint campaign.
“Health and wellness is on everyone’s mind and it is Flu

season and being a father of two young kids that travel a lot, and myself

always on the go, you want to make sure, just in my own personal house to make sure

everyone in my household stays healthy, and getting their vaccinations,” said Cannon,

who is married to our Bellyitch

alum Mariah Carey.
Clearly not one of those celebrity parents who is also an Anti-Vaxxer, Cannon says though he’s

not a medical expert, but knows “there’s a lot of misconception about

It’s not like the man who was diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2012 can afford to

be too exposed.
It’s “an autoimmune condition so my immune system is extra

sensitive,“ the School Dance executive producer shared.

“I follow the same steps of the Flu print, those 5 easy steps, you know 1,

making sure I do have the vaccinations, and then from there preparing and being

proactive, hand sanitizers, and keeping myself in the most healthy environment

as possible and then if I do come down with something making sure I treat it

properly the best way I can with things like Theraflu.”
And with this campaign, anyone can help families without

health insurance and in impoverished areas get critical flu vaccines.
For every like on the Theraflu Facebook page, its

makers will donate $1 up to $100,000 to the national Families Fighting Flu

charity. It’s that simple and not a hoax; and an easy way to give back.
The comedian and writer is a frequent feature on the blog,

and was in the news lately over his large crucifix back tattoo.
After pointing out the new ink, we asked the Drumline alum, who grew up with a televangelist dad,

how he suggests parents protect themselves from viruses in houses of worship,

where often times hand shaking and drinking from one communion cups is  part of Sunday ritual.
“That’s a good question,” says Cannon, who recently signed

a deal to pen a children’s poetry
series. “It’s more about just being a

public in general, whatever your place of worship is,  wherever you go with your family, whether a church

or movie theater, where people feel like they’ll be fellowshipping and touching.
“I encourage my kids to refrain from touching their face

with their hands because that’s often times how you’re going to spread germs,” Cannon

advises. “You are going to shake people’s hands. You can’t avoid that. You are

going to touch things other people have touched. “
There you have it, folks! Stay clear of your face and make

sure your kids do too.

Get educated some more! Get your shot and Give back by checking

out and LIKING Theraflu’s Facebook page HERE

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