13 Creative Halloween 2014 Baby Costumes

Baked Potato Costume – @katelin_cruse
This Halloween, a lot of people took off on the baby dressed as a Subway sub and dressed their babies as an assortment of wraps including Chipotle Burritos, wrap sandwhiches and baked potatoes like above. 
Here are the 13 of the most creative baby and toddler costumes we spotted in social media from Halloween 2014
Baby Burrito – @TazSAngels_
Chipotle Burrito

Baby Lightening Bug – @meghannbuchannan

Edward Scissorhands – @roughlovn

Pera the Jack Skelington – @roughlovn

Another Pera the Jack Skelington – @dtamdogan

Baby Duck Dynasty – @Katelin_Cruse


Baby “Fear and Loathing in Vegas” character – @Katelin_Cruse


Ruth Baby Ginsburg – Buzzfeed


Willy Wonka  Oompa Loompa – @mommababy99


A Baby Turning Up


A Screen Saver

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