Christian pop singer takes on critics, anti-Halloween parents

Christian Pop/Rock singer and mom Natalie Grant addressed some of her fans who have criticized her over the fact that her daughters dressed up during Halloween festivities.
“As children of the Light, why in the world would we hide in our houses on what is considered a ‘dark’ day?,” she wrote in a message to her Facebook fans yesterday. “And what other day of the year does your entire neighborhood show up at your doorstep? What good does it do to make sure all of the lights are out, trying to make a ‘stand’ for righteousness while the neighbors turn and walk away?”

Every year, those who believe that Halloween is a satanic, pagan or devil-worshiping holiday, or who just don’t understand it or its origins, opt to not celebrate it.  Certainly, some turn off their porch lights to discourage “trick or treaters” from ringing their doorbells for candy. They have every right to, of course.

And in the era of social and digital media, now we have anti-Halloween folks who use the occasion to not just openly proclaim the fact they are not celebrating but to additionally criticize and proselytize down their friends, family and neighbors online about their decision to dress up and hand out candy.
It is true that everything is not for everyone and all will not celebrate, recognize or participate in all holiday, cultural or tradition, even if it has been neutralized, commercialized and watered down to just an excuse to dress up and wear scary make up.
And it is also okay to exercise one’s personal decision without castigating those who disagree as that is what makes the world and society harmonious.
There are pasttimes and activities that Christians participate in that many atheists, agnostics, non-faithful and people of other Faiths have mocked too. And same as those Christians do not appreciate the jabs and harsh condemnation, they too should be mindful of condemning others.
If there is one thing that many who practice monotheistic religions can agree upon, it is that only their maker can and should be the only to  judge individuals.
In other words, if it’s not for you, stay quiet, and shut off your lights and social media stream on Halloween so you don’t invite what you don’t agree with in your eyes, and mind. End. of. Story.

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