Thanksgiving: 5 Tips to save you thousands of calories

Granted Thanksgiving is a time to really tear down on some really good food, but the Holiday is the start of a series of Holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter) of non-stop eating that have the average person packing on pounds that they don’t shed later. 
A typical Thanksgiving dinner plate can be 2,900 or more.  People think it’s the turkey that makes them so sleepy and tired after Thanksgiving meal, but in reality, it is all the carbohydrates that are part of the average Thanksgiving meal: cornbread, stuffing, rice, macaroni pie, rolls, casseroles, pasta, etc.
There are simple ways to save some of those calories. Here are five tips:
1. Say no to the gravy. 
2.  Put only two portions of carbs on your plate instead of three.
3. Fill up with veggies, salads, cabbage, green beans. Have those items take up most of your plate. 
4. Drink a full glass of water before you eat to trick your body into getting fuller faster.
5. If there is a salad served, eat that first before eating the hot foods. This move will also help trick your body into getting fuller faster on less high calorie, high carbs foods.
The most important of which is portion control. If you must sample all the goodies, opt for one tablespoon of each verses a full portion size. 
Good luck and Bon Appetite!

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