This is Just the Bottle You Need to Help Breast to Bottle Transition (REVIEW)


Nipple confusion is a problem for babies transitioning from breast to bottle. A relatively new bottle invention from a manufacturer solves the problem. Comotomo’s bottle is soft and made of a hygienic silicone material that feels like a breast so baby’s tiny hands can grasp it like mommy’s boobies and be none the wiser.

The Proof is in the Pudding

The nipple and bottle are designed to mimic breastfeeding to help babies transition back and forth from nursing to bottle feeding. I gave one review copy ($23 for two on Amazon.com) to a Bellyitch Reviewer, in this case my sister, to use on her baby to test out.

She texted me back a day later asking where she could get her own because the bottle was perfect and her daughter, Aubrey loved it! About the bottle, she said it was easy to use, cap and  uncap and the milk flowed out with ease and her then-breastfeeding baby had no problem adjusting to it.


The only thing I would say is a slight negative is that the bottle tips over easily because it is bulbous and more round compared to other bottles and is soft but that is a minor inconvenience compared to its value.

Easy to clean

I babysat my niece this weekend and her mom brought her Comotomo bottle along. From my own personal experience, I can share that the bottle was very easy to clean after a feeding. I could also use my own hands and a warm soapy sponge to clean the bottle because the neck is so wide compared to other bottles with a narrow neck. The bottles are also heat-resistant and can withstand being cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher or in microwave sterilizers.


The Price

The bottle is well-received by others and currently is the #1 best selling bottle on Amazon.com. You can get a pair for just $23!  It sells at Babies R Us ( 1 bottle for $13.99) and Giggle stores in NYC and other stores worldwide.  The bottle has also gotten rave reviews from industry experts and pediatric professionals all continue to recognize Comotomo as the “go to” Baby Bottle Comotomo as the “go to” Baby Bottle.


The recommendation

I would recommend them for sure to check out especially if you are transitioning your little one right now. They come in slow flow for babies ages zero to 3 months up to fast flow for older babies. It can be a tough process but having a bottle that mimics the breast in your arsenal ban make it go smoother, possibly!

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